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Standards Levy

The Standards Levy Order was gazzetted by the Minister for Industry vide Legal Notice No. 267 of 2nd June 1990 and came into operation on 1st July 1990.

Who Should Register 

All manufacturers are required to register and be paying Standards Levy to KEBS. "Manufacturer" is defined to include any person(s) who Produce, Process, Treat, Install, Test, Operate and use.


For the purpose of registration, every person(s) who manufacture or intend to manufacture, shall notify the Managing Director, Kenya Bureau of Standards, in the format set out in form SL.1 which shall be collected from, filled and returned to KEBS immediately. 
According to the Order, each manufacturer shall pay to KEBS a levy recoverable at source at the rate of (0.2%) of ex-factory price in respect of Manufacture during each month, subject to a minimum of Kenya shillings 1,000 per month and to a ceiling of Kenya shillings. 400,000 per annum.
NOTE: Ex-factory price means selling price less VAT and discounts, if any. 

Standards levy forms:
1. SL1 form
2. SL1(c) form
3. SL2 form

Levy Payment/Returns 
Each manufacturer shall pay levy by transmitting to the Managing Director through the Commissioner of VAT, form SL 2 duly completed with the amount of the levy on or before twentieth (20th) day of the succeeding month. 
Payments shall be made in cash or cheque addressed to the Commissioner of VAT – Kenya Bureau of Standards Levy, and is payable to the following Accounts: 
a)Kenya Commercial Bank A/C No. 229961506
b) National Bank of Kenya A/C No. 0100105109700
c) Co-operative Bank of Kenya A/C No. 0113601340301
d) Central Bank of Kenya A/C No. 04-010-0203

Nil Returns 
For month(s) where there are no sales recorded, a nil return shall be submitted to the commissioner of VAT for stamping and recording.

When Should Payments Start 
Submission of monthly returns shall start from the time (Month) of commencement of operations.

Penalty on Default 
If any person fails to pay the Standards Levy within the prescribed time, a penalty at the rate of five (5) percent per month cumulative shall be imposed for each month the amount due remained unpaid.   

Financial Year 
For the purpose of Standards Levy, the financial year shall be 1st July to 30th June of the succeeding year.

Further Information 
For more information on the Standards Levy, you are advised to purchase a copy of the Standards Levy Order, 1990 from the Government Printer P.O. Box 30746, Nairobi.
Reference should also be made to the Standards Act (Cap 496) and the Standards (Amendment) Act, 1989.
For any clarification, please contact the Managing Director, Kenya Bureau of Standards.



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