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Frequently Asked Questions on Certification

The Kenya Bureau of Standards Certification Body (KEBS CB) was established in 2002.
The CB is wholly owned by KEBS and is accredited to ISO 17021.

1. What is certification?
Certification is third party attestation related to products, processes, systems or persons.
Certification results in the issue of a statement based on a decision, following review, that fulfillment of specified requirements has been demonstrated

2. What are the services offered by KEBS CB?
a. Quality Management System certification based on ISO 9001
b. Environmental Management System certification based on ISO 14001
c. Food Safety Management System certification based on HACCP principles
d. Food Safety Management System certification based on ISO 22000
e. Occupational Health and Safety certification based on OHSAS 18001
f. Certification on Hygiene practice for food service establishments based on KS 2573
g. ISO 27001 information security management system certification
h. IT service management based on ISO 20000-1
i. FSSC 22000 Certification
j. Road Transport Safety Management system certification based on ISO 39001
k. Energy Management system certification based on ISO 50001
l. Medical devices certification based on ISO 13485
m. Personnel certification compliant with ISO 17024

Product Certification
1. Standardization Mark
This is a mandatory mark for all locally manufactured products. Products with the diamond mark automatically qualify for the mark.
2. Diamond Mark
This is a voluntary mark of quality based on excellent performance of the products and is superior to all quality marks.
3. Import Standardization Mark
This is a mark of quality for products with impact on health and safety, e.g. (food stuff, electrical, infant wears, and toys.)

System Certification
1. ISO 9001 Quality Management System
2. ISO 14001 on Environmental Management
3. ISO 22000 and HACCP on Food Safety Management
4. OHSAS 18001 on Occupational Health and Safety Management

Certification of Personnel
ISO 17024 on Certification of Persons

Physical Location:
Certification Body
Kenya Bureau of Standards Headquarters
Popo Road, Off Mombasa Road
South C area, Nairobi
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 54974-00200
Email – General enquiries
Office:(254 20) 6948506
Specific Contacts
Caroline Outa
Head of the KEBS Certification Body
Tel: (254 20) 6948324/263



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