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Measurement standards, measurement technologies, and their standardization are the most basic technological infrastructure for all scientific and technical activities, production, services, and social life, and must therefore be provided by the national government in a unified, systematic, and effective manner. KEBS's objective in this field is to create an infrastructure of measurement standards, reference materials, and measurement technologies which will enable industry, regulatory authorities, consumers, and others to obtain accurate measurement data based on objective, scientific grounds.
The expected benefits of this effort include the following 3 points.

  1. Promotion of free international trade without technical barriers based on international recognition of measurement data, and smooth functioning of the standards and conformity systems in Kenya
  2. Smooth acceptance of high level, original Kenyan products and technologies in domestic and international markets based on a proper evaluation of those products and technologies
  3. Proper protection of the environment based on a correct recognition of the concentrations of contaminants, and enhanced security/safety for the Kenyan people based on an accurate recognition of the appropriateness of medical examinations, safety of foods, etc.
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