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Embracing Standards in the Motor Repair Industry

Motor Repair and Service Garages are required to adhere to all set standards and mainly KNWA 2460:2013. This was among the resolutions reached at during a workshop held recently to disseminate information on standards developed by the KEBS TC 122, Road Vehicles Technical Committee. The workshop also resolved that for garages to be considered as inspection centers, they will be required to get accreditation and certi?cation on the relevant Standards.

The workshop organized by Kenya Bureau of Standards in collaboration with Kenya Motor Repairers Association (KEMRA) and KEBS Technical Committee on Road Vehicles was attended by
164 delegates constituting Repair Garages Owners, Passenger Vehicles Body Builders, Dealers/ Assemblers/Vehicle Manufacturers, Users, Vehicle Accessory Manufacturers (Suspension systems, Tyres, Brake linings), Enforcers and related agencies, Insurance, Professional bodies and researchers in the motor industry.

The idea of holding the workshop was mooted by the Technical Committee after realizing that over the years’ accidents have occurred across the country and in most fatal cases the causes of deaths have been attributed to motor vehicle repairs and servicing. It was observed that such Motor repair and service garages did not use the established standards in their operations. It was against that background that the Road Vehicles Workshop was held to sensitize the Motor vehicle repair and service garages to observe the Kenya Standards and also for the owners to source the services of Garages from enterprises that strictly adhere to safety standards.
Based on this background the theme of the workshop was selected as “Standards for road vehicles resulting in a professionalized motor repair industry.”

During the workshop’s opening ceremony, the CS in the Ministry of Industrialization and Enterprise Development, Mr. Adan Mohamed pointed out that his Ministry was looking forward to working with industry associations such as the Kenya Motor Repairers Association (KEMRA), in tackling vices that continue to undermine gains made towards the realization of Vision 2030; with the proliferation of counterfeit products especially in motor vehicle repair spare parts industry.

Mr. Mohamed added that the Standard offered great prospects for the Motor Repair Garages to partner with his Ministry together with the Ministry of Transport and Kenya Bureau of Standards

Infrastructure in among other things, creating room for enterprise development in automotive technology by offering top notch practicum for Youth Empowerment. He also noted that KEMRA garages handle approximately KShs. 7 Billion worth of motor repair business per year from Insurance companies, which he said was a huge shot in the arm to the country’s economy.

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