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ISO 9001-2015 Released : 23 September 2015
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Who is National Quality Institute

KEBS established the National Quality Institute in August 2008. The NQI was created from the Certification Unit of the Kenya Bureau of Standards,which was involved in both the training and certification of management systems.

To entrench a culture of quality in the Kenyan Society.
The National Quality Institute (NQI) was established on 18th February 2008 and was officially launched on 24th July 2008 by Mr. Alan Bryden ISO Secretary General. NQI core mandate is to entrench a culture of quality in the Kenyan society. In addition to this noble duty NQI, is also advancing quality management principles, practices and techniques within the Kenyan industry in support of vision 2030.As champion of the quality movement, NQI offers technologies, concepts, tools, and training to industry, quality professionals, quality practitioners and everyday consumers to entrench quality in our daily lives.

The development or the existence of a National Quality Institute (NQI) is directly related to the level of maturity of a country’s quality infrastructure. In this respect, the Kenya Bureau of Standards has attained a level of maturity that necessitates the setting up of a National Quality Institute as a natural progression towards realization of the practical application of standards as tool for competitive advantage in global markets.

In many developing countries like Kenya, there is an enormous gap between latent and manifest needs for standardization. Though KEBS as a National Standards Body (NSB) has advanced in the realm of standardization, this has not been translated into frequent and conscious use of standards by the ordinary citizen as a means for enhancing quality of outputs of their efforts. Research indicates that there is a strong correlation between consumers’ demand for quality and development. If local consumers demand quality goods and services, the industry responds by providing higher quality products which meet the standards of international markets thus driving competitiveness of local goods globally. This in turn creates wealth and raises the quality of life for local citizens leading to development. In view of the foregoing, a strategy is needed therefore, to reduce the gap by enhancing cooperation among KEBS, Government, the industry, and academia to disseminate knowledge on standardization and quality, leading to practical application of standards in the Kenyan society. This is the premise under which NQI is established.

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