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ISO 9001-2015 Released : 23 September 2015
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Process and Performance Improvement techniques - Seminar

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National Quality Institute Functions

Functions of the National Quality Institute:

  • To raise awareness of the importance of standardization and conformity assessment and to entrench the culture of quality in the Kenyan society by promoting practical usage of standards and development of quality related curricula in schools, colleges and universities.
  • To promote the advancement of quality management practices to enhance the competitiveness of Kenyan goods and services in the world market.
  • To train the industry in collaboration with other stakeholders in order to increase industrial efficiency and productivity.
  • To recruit and register members of different categories.
  • To enhance advancement of continuing professional development in quality and compliance management through alliances with academia and to provide recognition to members associated with quality as a specialised profession.
  • To manage the Kenya Quality Award in order to promote excellence of Kenyan industries.
  • To be a central source of information regarding quality.
  • To develop strategic alliances with quality organizations throughout the world and to provide the sharing of information and knowledge concerning quality among individuals and organisations.

Our services

The following are the services offered by the National Quality Institute:

  • Training on standards and quality
  • Research and Extension in the field of Quality
  • Hosting the Kenya Quality Award
  • Registration of Members

Physical Location:
The NQI Complex,
Kenya Bureau of Standards Headquarters
Popo Road, Off Mombasa Road
South C area, Nairobi
Postal Address:
P.O. Box 54974-00200

Contacts :

Telephone: (254 20) 6948540, 6948000
Direct Dial: (254 20) 6948501
Specific Contacts
Head of the National Quality Institute
Tel: (254 20) 6948498



  • Landline : (+ 254 20)6948000
  • Mobile :
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  • + 254734600471
  • PVoC : + 254724255242
  • Email :
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