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KEBS has developed and is set to implement, effective 1st August 2015, secure Quality Marks/ stickers complete with Track and Trace software. The objective of the project is to deal with rampant faking of KEBS Quality Marks and provide a platform through which KEBS will be able to carry out on-field real-time validation and verification of goods bearing its Quality Marks. The system will also provide an online platform for consumers to directly authentic the validity of certification of goods before purchase.
The first phase of the project targets ALL imported products intended for sale in the local market. All importers of the aforementioned goods will be required to purchase Import Standardization Mark (ISM) stickers directly from KEBS. Importers will be required to apply for ISM by submitting Copies of Certificate of Conformity, Import Declaration Form and Customs Entry to KEBS.

  1. Import Standardization Mark Guidelines
  2. New ISM Application Form
  3. Frequently Asked Questions on the New ISM



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