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Proposing Subjects for Standardization

Guidelines for collecting and filling in the information required for this template

  1. Fill this template in and submit it to KEBS through the online portal. Please rank your proposals regarding the potential to contribute to economic efficiency safeguard health and safety preserve the environment, the local exchange of products and industrial integration and facilitate access to export markets.
  2. In this context "economic sector" means sectors such as : food processing, textiles and apparel, plastics, automotive parts, electrical and electronic engineering, petrochemicals, banking, education, tourism, phosphate mining etc. Sectors could be in the agriculture and mining, manufacturing or services areas.
  3. Subjects are subjects for an individual standard such as cottage cheese, plugs and sockets, polyethylene sheets, centrifugal pumps for petrochemical industry, Personal Identification Number (PIN) management and security
  4. Some sectors may have multiple proposals, others may have only one. Feel free to add or delete rows to tailor this template to your needs.

Priority Fill in ranks 1 - 5 (where 1 is the Highest Priority and 5 the Lowest Priority)
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