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Technical Committee Number Technical Committee Name Technical Committee Scope  
KEBS/TC 001Cereals and pulsesDried whole, broken, or flaked grain.
KEBS/TC 002Horticultural Fresh ProduceFresh and dried fruits and vegetables including mushrooms and fungi, roots and tubers, pulses and legumes, and plant material
KEBS/TC 003TeaTea (Camelia Sinensis spp) value chain and derived products
KEBS/TC 004CoffeeCoffee value chain, coffee beans and derived products
KEBS/TC 005Animal FeedsAnimal feeding practices, production, nutrition, and feeds including olegineous seeds and fruits and oilseed meals
KEBS/TC 006Edible nuts and SeedsDried and processed nuts and seeds
KEBS/TC 007Propagation MaterialsSeeds, cuttings, rhizomes, tubers, plantlets and related materials used for planting
KEBS/TC 008Tubers and tuber products Dried whole, diced, flaked, or milled roots and tubers
KEBS/TC 009Organic Farming and Organic productsPractices, inputs, and products of agricultural systems that use organic materials for soil fertility and conditioning, pest control, livestock feeding, growth regulation etc
KEBS/TC 010Fertilizers and Soil ConditionersInorganic soil conditioners/improvers, plant growth promoters or nutrients and excludes fertilizers and soil conditioners derived wholly from organic materials.
KEBS/TC 011Tobacco and Tobacco ProductsFresh, dried and processed tobacco, tobacco smoking and materials used for manufacturing tobacco products
KEBS/TC 013Processed Cereals and Pulses Products derived from cereal grains, pulses and legumes including bakery wares
KEBS/TC 014Processed Fruits and VegetablesProcessed fruits, vegetables including mushrooms and fungi
KEBS/TC 015Milk and Milk productsMilk and milk products derived from milking animals (including analogues) but excluding milk fat products
KEBS/TC 016Meat and Poultry ProductsFresh and processed products of meat, poultry, game and eggs
KEBS/TC 017Fish and Fishery ProductsStandardization in the field of aquaculture and fish and fish products including molluscs, crustaceans, and echinoderms in terms of but not limited to, terminology, technical specifications for equipment and for their operation, characterization of aquacu
KEBS/TC 018Food HygieneBasic provisions on food hygiene applicable to either specific food items, food groups or all food; in relation to microbiological risk management and assessment
KEBS/TC 019Sugar and Sugar products All types of sugars and sugar products excluding honey bee products
KEBS/TC 020Food labellingInformation for Identification, traceability, claims, nutrition and safety
KEBS/TC 021Drinking waterTo establish standards, codes of practice, terminology, limits of specific contaminants and additives, microbiological limits, methods of test and analysis for drinking water
KEBS/TC 022Food additives All food additives used in food industry
KEBS/TC 023Alcoholic BeveragesStandardization in the field of alcoholic beverages such as establishing codes of practice, terminology, limits of specific contaminants , microbiological limits, methods of test and analysis alcoholic beverages
KEBS/TC 024Spices, Culinary herbs, and CondimentsDried, dehydrared, crushed forms of herbs and spices, food seasonings, condiments, meat tenderizers and salt substitutes.
KEBS/TC 025Edible Fats and Oils Fats and oils of animal, vegetable, and marine origin
KEBS/TC 026Sensory analysisPreparation of samples, equipment and methods used in sensory analysis of foods
KEBS/TC 027Cocoa and Cocoa products Cocoa beans, Cocoa products and chocolates
KEBS/TC 028Apiculture ProductsHoney and honey bee products e.g royal jelly, propolis etc
KEBS/TC 029Nutrition and foods for special dietary useFoods intended for particular nutritional uses including foods for infant and young children, dietetic foods, iodized salt, fortified foods and food supplements
KEBS/TC 030BiotechnologyFood, feed, seeds and propagules of food crops, commodity food crops, fruits, vegetables, materials and agricultural inputs produced from or containing traits derived from genetically modified organisms.
KEBS/TC 031Water based flavoured drinks and icesCarbonated, non-carbonated, concentrates (liquid or solid) and water ices including ?sport?, ?energy?, ?electrolyte?, punches, ades
KEBS/TC 032Veterinary drug residues and antimicrobial resistance in foodVeterinary drugs in food, and maximum limits, methods of control and detection
KEBS/TC 033Adhesives and ResinsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Adhesives & Resins
KEBS/TC 034Paints and Allied ProductsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of paints, varnishes, coating powder and related products, including raw materials
KEBS/TC 035Surface Active AgentsStandardization in the field of Surface Active Agents including classification, terminology, sampling, physical, chemical or other test methods, specifications, etc., of surface active agents and mixtures containing one or more surface active agents with
KEBS/TC 036Paper and Paper ProductsStandardization in the field of paper, board and pulps, including terminology, sampling procedures, test methods, product and quality specifications, and the establishment and maintenance of appropriate calibration systems
KEBS/TC 037PhotographyStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products primarily, but not exclusively in the field of still picture imaging - chemical - including, but not limited to: ? Methods for measuring, testing, r
KEBS/TC 038Rubber and Rubber ProductsStandardization of terms and definitions, test methods and specifications for rubber in any form, rubber products (including their dimensional tolerances) and major rubber compounding ingredients
KEBS/TC 039Graphical TechnologyStandardization of terminology, test methods and specifications in the field of printing inks, writing inks and related products.
KEBS/TC 040Writing AidsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of writing aids such as pens, pencils and related products
KEBS/TC 041MiningStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to minerals ores including coal, and materials and products in the field of of metals and alloys including corrosion test methods and corrosion prevention methods. Mining rela
KEBS/TC 042Water QualityStandardization in the field of water treatment chemicals, water for industrial use, water for analytical use and water for recreational use. Drinking water is excluded.
KEBS/TC 043Air QualityStandardization of tools for air quality characterization of emissions, workspace air, ambient air, indoor air, in particular measurement methods for air pollutants (particles, gases, odours, micro-organisms) and for meteorological parameters, measurement
KEBS/TC 044Soil QualityStandardization in the field of soil quality, including classification, definition of terms, sampling of soils, measurement and reporting of soil characteristics.
KEBS/TC 045Clean Rooms and Associated EnvironmentStandardization of equipment, facilities, and operational methods for clean rooms and associated controlled environments. This includes procedural limits, operational limits and testing procedures to achieve desired attributes to minimize micro contaminat
KEBS/TC 046Petroleum and Petroleum Products Standardization of nomenclature, methods of test, classification and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of solid mineral fuels, liquefied petroleum gas, liquid fuels, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and petroleum products.
KEBS/TC 047Polishes and WaxesStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Polishes & Waxes
KEBS/TC 048Industrial Solvents and ChemicalsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Industrial Solvents, Chemicals, Laboratory reagents and Chemicals and related products
KEBS/TC 049Disinfectants and BleachesStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Disinfectants & Bleaches
KEBS/TC 050PlasticsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of plastics
KEBS/TC 051CeramicsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Ceramics and Ceramic ware in contact with food
KEBS/TC 052Glass, laboratory glassware and related apparatus Standardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Glass and Glass Products, devices and apparatus for laboratory purposes, with respect to principles and to materials of construction,
KEBS/TC 053PackagingStandardization in the field of packaging with regard to terminology and definitions, packaging dimensions, environmentally friendly packaging, performance requirements and tests. Bar code symbols, Radio frequency identification (RFID) techniques are excl
KEBS/TC 054Highway Control MaterialsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Highway Control Materials
KEBS/TC 055GasesStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Gases
KEBS/TC 056WastesStandardization the field of solid Wastes, liquid wastes and hazardous wastes.
KEBS/TC 057MattressesStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Mattresses
KEBS/TC 058Refrigerants and refrigeration lubricantsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants
KEBS/TC 059Household productsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Household products such as scouring pads, steel wools, tooth picks, brush ware(excluding tooth brush) and related products.
KEBS/TC 060PesticidesStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of Pesticides formulations
KEBS/TC 062Commercial explosives and pyrotechnicsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of commercial explosives and their accessories, pyrotechnics and fireworks preparations, safety matches and their raw materials
KEBS/TC 063Transport of dangerous goodsStandardization of nomenclature, methods of test, and specifications applicable to materials and products in the field of transport of Dangerous Goods(TDG) and on the Globally harmonized system of Classification and labelling of chemicals(GHS)
KEBS/TC 064Blankets, non-wovens, threads and fibresTerminology, test methods and specifications for Blankets, non-wovens, threads and fibres,
KEBS/TC 065Dyestuffs,chemicals, auxilliaries and finishing in textilesTerminology, test methods and specifications for Dyestuffs,chemicals, auxilliaries and finishing in textiles
KEBS/TC 066Hard fibres and related productsTerminology, test methods and specifications for hard fibres and related products
KEBS/TC 067Woven fabricsTerminology, test methods and specifications for woven fabrics
KEBS/TC 068Knitted fabricsTerminology, test methods and specifications for knitted fabrics
KEBS/TC 069Towels, medical and hygienic textile productsTerminology, test methods and specification Towels, medical and hygienic textile products
KEBS/TC 070Ready made garmentsTerminology, test methods and specifications for ready made garments
KEBS/TC 071Narrow fabricsTerminology, test methods and specifications for narrow fabrics
KEBS/TC 072Textile floor coverings and furnishingsTerminology, test methods and specifications for textile floor covering
KEBS/TC 073Textile machinery and allied accessoriesTerminology, test methods and specifications for textile machinery and allied accessories
KEBS/TC 074GeosyntheticsTerminology, test methods and specifications for geosynthetics
KEBS/TC 075Leather and leather productsTerminology, test methods and specifications for Leather and leather products
KEBS/TC 076Hand Made Textile ProductsSpecifications for textile products.
KEBS/TC 077Cements and LimeStandardization - including definitions, methods of test and specifications - of various kinds of cement, and lime used in building construction and engineering, either for binding together the construction materials or as a constituent part of all kinds
KEBS/TC 078Concrete and concrete productsStandardization of the technology of concrete, of the design and construction of concrete, reinforced concrete and pre-stressed concrete structures, so as to ensure progressive development both in quality and in price reduction; and of definitions and ter
KEBS/TC 079SteelStandardization of qualities, dimensions and tolerances and other relevant properties appropriate to: - steel for the reinforcement of concrete - prestressing steel Standardization of test for the products listed above.
KEBS/TC 080Timber and timber productsStandardization of round, sawn and processed timber, and timber materials in and for use in all applications, including terminology, specifications and test methods. Standardization concerning structural applications of timber, wood -based panels, other w
KEBS/TC 081Roads and road furnitureStandardization of road designs, and all related components and road furniture (all roadside objects used for safety and control of traffic in addition to those for assisting the driver).
KEBS/TC 082GeotechnicsStandardization of geotechnical aspects in the field of building and civil engineering, including (related) properties of soil and rock.
KEBS/TC 083RefractoriesStandardization of raw materials and products of the refractories industry and their properties.
KEBS/TC 084Plywood and boards Standardization in the field of plywood and boards including terminology, classification, dimensions, test methods and quality requirements
KEBS/TC 085Electric Lamps and Wiring Accessoriesa) Electrical accessories - Connecting devices - Plugs, socket-outlets, couplers - Other electrical accessories b) Lamps and related equipment - Lamps in general - Lamp caps and holders - Incandescent lamps - Fluorescent lamps. - Discharge lamps
KEBS/TC 086Switchgear and distribution equipmenta) Protection devices - High voltage switches - Fuses and other overcurrent protection devices - Switchgear and controlgear - Relays b) Rotating machinery - Rotating machinery in general - Components for rotating machines - Generators - Motors c) Trans
KEBS/TC 087Extra-low Voltage EquipmentElectronic components, electronic surveillance systems, electronic tracking systems, electronic measuring devices & systems, photosensitive switching devices, uninterruptible power supplies (UPSs), battery chargers, convertors, invertors, adaptors, primar
KEBS/TC 088Cables and Conductorsa) Magnetic materials b) Insulating materials - Insulating materials in general - Paper and board insulating materials - Plastics and rubber insulating materials - Glass and ceramic insulating materials - Insulating oils - Other insulating materials c)
KEBS/TC 089Communication equipment and Systemsa) Telecommunications in general b) Telephone and telegraph communications - Data and voice communications networks - wires, connections and circuits. c) Radio communications: - Radio communications in general - Receiving and transmitting equipment - Ra
KEBS/TC 090Electrical Tools and AppliancesThe committee shall prepare draft Kenya standards on electrical appliances for household, commercial, industrial and any other similar usage. Information will be obtained from National standards, International standards issued by ISO/IEC and any other sou
KEBS/TC 091Electrical installations and Distribution systemsThe committee is charged with the responsibility of developing standards (specifications, codes of practice e.t.c.) in the areas of electrical installations, lightning protection and road lighting?. a) Electrical installations b) Protection against elec
KEBS/TC 092Renewable Energy and Energy ManagemnetSCOPE a) Renewable energy in general b) Solar energy engineering - Photovoltaic (PV) power systems and equipment - Solar thermal - Concentrating solar power (CSP) c) Hydropower systems and equipment - Hydropower in general - Small hydropower systems -
KEBS/TC 092/SC 01BiogasStandardization in the field of biogas produced by anaerobic digestion, gasification from biomass and power to gas from biomass sources.
KEBS/TC 092/SC 02Solar and Wind TechnologiesThe Technical Sub-Committee will be responsible for standardization of systems for conversion of solar energy and wind energy into electrical energy and for all the elements in the entire energy system. The scope also covers standardization in the field o
KEBS/TC 092/SC 03HydropowerThe Technical Sub-Committee will be responsible for standardization in the field of hydropower, including: resource assessment and feasibility studies, hydraulic structures, electrical design, mechanical design, procurement practices for electro-mechanica
KEBS/TC 092/SC 04Energy ManagementStandardization in the field of energy management, including: - energy efficiency; - energy performance; - energy use; - energy supply; - procurement practices for energy using equipment and systems; - implementation of a measurement system to document,
KEBS/TC 092/SC 05BioenergyStandardization of terminology, classification, and specifications for solid and liquid biofuels, and analysis and testing for solid and liquid biofuels.
KEBS/TC 093IT Security techniques Standardization of generic methods and techniques for IT security. This includes: ? identification of generic requirements (including requirements methodology) for IT system security services, ? development of security techniques and mechanisms (including
KEBS/TC 094Software Engineering, IT service management and IT governanceThis committee covers the development of standards relating to software engineering and programming languages. 1) Software Engineering a) System software documentation b) b) Tools and environment c) c) Evaluation and metrics d) d) Life cycle management e
KEBS/TC 095Office EquipmentThis TC covers the development of standards relating to office equipment (Facsimile, typewriters, computers, etc.) from their procurement requirements to their usage. It will also cover the Government OSI Profile (GOSIP) and the codes of ethics in Informa
KEBS/TC 096Informatics ApplicationsThis committee covers the development of standards relating to: ? Document Formatting and Processing; ? Analysis, Modelling and Simulation; ? Image Processing Multimedia Representation; ? Communication and Networking (Telematics); ? Informatics maintenanc
KEBS/TC 097Document Description and Processing Languagesstandards for languages and resources for the description and processing of compound and hypermedia documents, including: - Standard Generalized Markup Language and support facilities - Document processing architecture and formatting for documents repres
KEBS/TC 098Information Technology for Learning, Education and TrainingStandardization in the field of information technologies for learning, education, and training to support individuals, groups, or organizations, and to enable interoperability and reusability of resources and tools.
KEBS/TC 099Telecommunications and information exchange between systemsStandardization in the field of telecommunications dealing with the exchange of information between open systems including system functions, procedures, parameters, and equipment, as well as the conditions for their use. This standardization includes both
KEBS/TC 100Electronic Cards, Personal Identification and BiometricsStandardization in the area of a) identification and related documents, b) cards, and devices associated with their use in interindustry applications and international interchange
KEBS/TC 101Automatic identification and data capture techniquesStandardization of data formats, data syntax, data structures, data encoding, and technologies for the process of automatic identification and data capture and of associated devices utilized in inter-industry applications and international business interc
KEBS/TC 102Electricity, magnetism, and electromagnetic metrologyElectricity. Magnetism. General aspects Measurement of electrical and magnetic quantities Equipment for electrical energy measurement and load control Quantities and units, and their letter symbols Electroacoustics Instrument transformers High-voltage tes
KEBS/TC 103Mechanics, Acoustics and Dimensional MetrologyQuantities, units, symbols, conversion factors Geographic information/Geomatics Linear and angular measurements Linear and angular measurements in general Limits and fits Properties of surfaces Dimensional and geometrical product specifications and verif
KEBS/TC 104Thermodynamics, Photometry, Optics and Photonics.Thermodynamics in general Heat. Calorimetry Temperature-measuring instruments Other standards related to thermodynamics Thermal performance and energy use in the built environment Test and measurement methods Calculation methods Thermal insulation produc
KEBS/TC 105Instrumentation and Calibration CoordinationDesigning, fabrications & in installation, Repair & Maintenance. Codes Laboratory certification systems Industrial automation systems and integration Physical device control Robots for industrial environments Industrial data Architecture, communications a
KEBS/TC 106Dosimetry, radiometry and non-destructive metrologyTo develop and maintain standards and technical guides pertaining to the design, construction, performance testing, calibration, field response testing and safety considerations for measuring instruments and systems that incorporate or utilize ionizing ra
KEBS/TC 107Freight containersStandardization of freight containers, having an external volume of one cubic meter (35.3 cubic feet) and greater, as regards terminology, classification, dimensions, specifications, handling, test methods and marking.
KEBS/TC 108Plastic Pipes, Fittings and Valves Standardization of pipes, fittings, valves and auxiliary equipments intended for the transport of fluids and made from all types of plastic materials, including all types of reinforced plastics. Metal fittings used with plastics pipes are also included.
KEBS/TC 109Cutlery and table hollow-wareStandardization in the field of cutlery, flat-ware and table and decorative metal hollow- ware.
KEBS/TC 110Boilers and pressure vesselsStandardization of construction of boilers and pressure vessels. Includes Standardization of gas cylinders and other pressure receptacles, their fittings and requirements relating to their manufacture and use.
KEBS/TC 112Containers and tanksStandardization of storage containers & tanks and process cotainers & tanks used in a number of applications including short term storage, long term storage, mixing, blending, metering and dispensing. Terminologies and test methods related to above is al
KEBS/TC 113Welding and allied processesStandardization of welding, by all processes, as well as allied processes; these standards include terminology, definitions and the symbolic representation of welds on drawings, apparatus and equipment for welding, raw materials (gas, parent and filler me
KEBS/TC 114Wire and wire productsStandardization of qualities, dimensions and tolerances of steel wire rod and steel wire products from a wire mill. Standardization of types and qualities of wire rod (unalloyed steel for wire drawing and wire rod for electrodes). Standardization of typ
KEBS/TC 114/SC 01Steel wire ropesStandardization of steel wire ropes, wire rope terminations and wire rope slings.
KEBS/TC 115Ships and marine technologyStandardization of design, construction, structural elements, outfitting parts, equipment, methods and technology, and marine environmental matters, used in shipbuilding and the operation of ships, comprising sea-going ships, vessels for inland navigation
KEBS/TC 116Lifts and escalatorsStandardization of all aspects, including safety, of lifts, service lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and similar apparatus.
KEBS/TC 117Liquefied petroleum gas installationsStandardization of the tanks and materials, equipment and offshore structures used in the drilling, production, transport by pipelines, rail, road, ship, air and processing of gaseous hydrocarbons within the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas indus
KEBS/TC 118Petroleum tanks and installationsStandardization of the tanks and materials, equipment and offshore structures used in the drilling, production, transport by pipelines, rail, road, ship, air and processing of liquid hydrocarbons within the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas indust
KEBS/TC 119Iron mongery and builders hardwareStandardization of items made of iron made of steel, aluminium, brass, or other metals, as well as plastics used for protection, decoration, and convenience in buildings.
KEBS/TC 120Small toolsStandardization of any kind of tool to be used on machines, and any kind of hand tool.
KEBS/TC 121Steel and aluminium products and metallugyStandardization of steel and aluminium produced from continuous mill flat rolled products. It includes all other products made of steel other than those covered by KEBS/TC 079 on Steel.
KEBS/TC 122Road vehiclesAll questions of standardization concerning compatibility, interchangeability and safety, with particular reference to terminology and test procedures (including the characteristics of instrumentation) for evaluating the performance of the following types
KEBS/TC 123Tyres, rims and valvesStandardization of classifications, size designations, dimensions and ratings of tyres, rims and valves.
KEBS/TC 124Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestryStandardization of tractors, machines, systems, implements and their equipment used in agriculture and forestry as well as gardening, landscaping, irrigation and other related areas in which such equipment is used, including electronic/electrical aspects
KEBS/TC 125Metal pipes and metallic fittingsStandardization in the field of steel tubes, cast iron pipes, flexible metallic tubes and metallic fittings, flanges, pipe supports, pipe threads and gauges, metallic and organic coatings and protections.
KEBS/TC 126Appropriate technologyStandardization of innovative products and systems for appropriate technology. Included standardization in the field of cookstoves and clean cooking solutions.
KEBS/TC 127Cranes and Industrial trucksStandardization in the field of cranes and related equipment which suspend loads by means of a load-handling device, particularly in respect of terminology, load rating, testing, safety, general design principles, maintenance, operation and load lifting a
KEBS/TC 128CyclesStandardization in the field of cycles, their components and accessories with particular reference to terminology, testing methods and requirements for performance and safety, and interchangeability.
KEBS/TC 129Equipments for fire fighting and Fire protectionStandardization in the field of all fire protection and fire fighting apparatus and equipment including extinguishing media as well as the personal equipment of the fire fighter, and related work on terminology, classification and symbols. Approval of ad
KEBS/TC 130AircraftsStandardization of materials, components and equipment for construction and operation of aircraft and space vehicles as well as equipment used in the servicing and maintenance of these vehicles.
KEBS/TC 131Clay and clay productsStandardization of clay and products made from clay primarily for building and construction
KEBS/TC 132Assistive products for persons with disabilitiesStandardization in the field of assistive products and related services to assist a person in compensating for reduced abilities.
KEBS/TC 133Masonry and natural stones Standardization of rules for design and execution of unreinforced and reinforced masonry building constructions and appropriate test methods.
KEBS/TC 134Construction technologyGeneral terminology for building and civil engineering organization of information in the processes of design, manufacture and construction General geometric requirements for building, building elements and components including modular coordination and it
KEBS/TC 135Sanitation and water treatmentStandardization of the management concepts for service activities relating to drinking water supply, wastewater and stormwater systems. This structure includes activities necessary to fulfil the objectives of water supply, wastewater and stormwater syste
KEBS/TC 136Hospital Equipment, Medical devices, Instruments and related toolsStandardization of transfusion, infusion and injection equipment for medical use, hospital equipment other than the ones mentioned above, terms and definition for such equipment, specification for quality and performance of materials and components.It als
KEBS/TC 136/SC 01Surgical InstrumentsStandardization in the field of surgical instruments such as forceps, scissors, scapels and retractors.
KEBS/TC 136/SC 02Biological Evaluation of Medical DevicesStandardization of the approach of medical and dental materials and devices together with standardization of biological test methods applicable to those materials and devices.
KEBS/TC 136/SC 03Clinical Laboratory and in Vitro Diagnostic Test SystemsStandardization and guidance in the field of laboratory medicine and in vitro diagnostic test systems e.g. quality management, pre- and post-analytical performance, laboratory safety, reference systems and quality assurance.
KEBS/TC 136/SC 04Implants for SurgeryStandardization in the field of implants for surgery 1) and their required instrumentation, covering terminology, specifications and methods of tests for all types of implants, and for the materials both basic and composite used in their manufacture and a
KEBS/TC 136/SC 05Anaesthetic and Respiratory EquipmentStandardization of anaesthetic and respiratory equipment and supplies, related devices and systems
KEBS/TC 137Dentistry and oral HygienStandardization of terminology, codes of practice, methods of test and specifications applicable to materials, instruments, appliances and equipment used in all branches of dentistry and oral hygiene.
KEBS/TC 138Non-systemic Contraceptives and STI barrier prophylacticsStandardization of non-systemic contraceptives and sexually transmitted infections (STI) barrier prophylactics.
KEBS/TC 139Pharmaceuticals and alternative medicinesStandardization in the field of pharmaceutical terminologies, packaging materials, alternative medicines, their processing, safety and identification.
KEBS/TC 139/SC 01Pharmaceuticals and related Tools and DevicesThe committee focuses on quality and safety of raw materials, manufactured products, including service standards limited to involving the safe use and delivery of devices & medicine, but not into the clinical practice or application of those products.
KEBS/TC 140Beauty ServicesStandardization in the field of beauty including terminologies, services and facilities.
KEBS/TC 141Veterinary ServicesStandardization in the field of veterinary services.
KEBS/TC 142Health informatics Standardization in the field of information for health, and Health Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to achieve compatibility and interoperability between independent systems. Also, to ensure compatibility of data for comparative statistical
KEBS/TC 143/SC 01ErgonomicsStandardization in the field of ergonomics, including terminology, methodology, and human factors data to create working and living conditions which fit the anatomical, physiological and psychological characteristics of human beings taking into account th
KEBS/TC 144Disaster ManagementStandardization in the area covering; Industrial safety helmets, for use on construction sites and many other premises, Fire-fighters? helmets, Helmets for vehicle users, Helmets for pedal cyclists, also applicable for roller, skaters, Horse riders? helme
KEBS/TC 144/SC 01Fire Safety servicesStandardization of the methods of assessing fire hazards and fire risk to life and to property, the contribution of design, materials, building materials, products and components to fire safety and methods of mitigating the fire hazards and fire risks by
KEBS/TC 144/SC 02Occupational Health and SafetyTo develop and maintain up to date standards in the field of rescue systems of disaster management
KEBS/TC 145Acoustics and Noise Pollution Abatement ManagementStandardization in the field of acoustics, either the negative or positive aspects of sound.
KEBS/TC 146Education ServicesEducation and learning services: Standardization in the field of education and learning services focused on, but not limited to services, management systems, facilitators, assessments, terminology and ethical conduct. The TC will base its work on market n
KEBS/TC 146/SC 01Higher Education ServicesStandardization in the field of University Education Which Includes; terminologies, management systems in Higher Education Institutions, Academic quality assurance processes, providers? qualifications, learning facilities, technology, health and safety in
KEBS/TC 146/SC 02Basic Education ServicesStandardization in the field of Tertiary Education services, including terminologies, Management systems in tertiary education institutions, academic, quality assurance processes, providers? qualifications, learning facilities, technology, health and safe
KEBS/TC 146/SC 03Special education servicesStandardization in the field of Special Education in Special Units or Mainstreamed learning institutions, including terminologies, providers? qualifications, learning facilities, technology, health and safety in the provision of Special Education Services
KEBS/TC 146/SC 04Early Childhood care and education servicesStandardization in the field of early education services, including terminologies, Management systems in early education institutions, academic, quality assurance processes, providers? qualifications, learning facilities, technology, health and safety in
KEBS/TC 146/SC 05Professional ServicesStandardization in the professional services.
KEBS/TC 147Banking and other related Financial ServicesTC 147 is designated to develop standards and technical reports for the financial services businesses and their transactions. Financial services include depository institutions (which traditionally are recognized as financial institutions), non-depository
KEBS/TC 148/SC 01Information Science ServicesStandardization in the field of information governance, including such areas as: information creation and capture, information storage and disposal, metadata for information management, system for management of information, information governance structur
KEBS/TC 148/SC 02Intellectual Property ServicesStandardization in the field of intellectual property including application of law, principles, values, processes, human asset for the identification, protection, and utilization of intellectual assets for the benefit of commerce and industry.
KEBS/TC 149Tourism and Related ServicesStandardization of the terminology and specifications of the services offered by tourism service providers, including related activities, touristic destinations and the requirements of facilities and equipment used by them, to provide tourism buyers, prov
KEBS/TC 149/SC 01Eco. TourismStandardization in the field of ecotourism
KEBS/TC 149/SC 02Tour Guide Services and Travel AgenciesStandardization in the field of tour guiding and travel agency services
KEBS/TC 149/SC 03Sports TourismStandardization in the field of Sports and related facilities
KEBS/TC 149/SC 04Tourism and AccommodationStandardization in the field of tourist accommodation and related services
KEBS/TC 149/SC 05Cultural HeritageStandardization in the field of cultural heritage
KEBS/TC 149/SC 06Tourist Information ServicesStandardization in the field of toursts information management services
KEBS/TC 149/SC 08Training of Tourism Schools, Service providers and personnelStandardization in the field of tourism related training and related services.
KEBS/TC 150Social ResponsibilitySocial responsibility covers how business, government and organized societies/clubs take economic, governance, social and environmental impacts into the way they operate, working over and above compliance in order to maximize their benefits and society at
KEBS/TC 151Facilities ManagementStandardization in the field of facility management including; Entertainment and recreational services, Sports facilities and Cultural heritage
KEBS/TC 152Sports and Related EquipmentsStandardization of terms, dimensions, tolerances, functional, operational and performance requirements and safety requirements, as well as their testing, for sports and recreational facilities and equipment (e.g. ropes courses, playgrounds, inflatables, w
KEBS/TC 153Safety of Toys Standardization of toys with respect to safety relating to their mechanical, physical, chemical and flammable properties. Excluded are all electrical aspects which are dealt with by Electro technical Committee.
KEBS/TC 154Quality Management and Quality AssurarnceExcluded are amusement rides and amusement devices covered by International Standards within the scope of Safety of amusement parks and amusement devices.
KEBS/TC 155Conformity AssessmentTo study means of assessing the conformity of products, processes, services and management systems to appropriate standards or other technical specifications. ? To prepare international guides and International Standards relating to the practice of testi
KEBS/TC 156Environmental Management SystemsStandardization in the field of environmental management systems and tools in support of sustainable development including climate change management. ? Greenhouse gases management ? Construction products: Assessment of release of dangerous substances ? Ha
KEBS/TC 156/SC 01Bulk Water ServicesStandardization of the management concepts for service activities relating to drinking water supply, wastewater and storm water systems. This structure includes activities necessary to fulfil the objectives of water supply, wastewater and storm water syst
KEBS/TC 157Refuse Disposal ServicesStandardization in the field of refuse disposal services
KEBS/TC 158Statistical Methods and Basic MeasurementStandardization in the application of statistical methods, including generation, collection (planning and design), sampling, analysis, presentation and interpretation of data and basic standards.
KEBS/TC 159Graphical SymbolsStandardization of terminology, test methods and specifications in the field of printing and graphic technology from the originals provided to finished products. The scope includes in particular: composition; colour separation, colour management; storage
KEBS/TC 160Consumer and Related ServicesStandardization in the field of consumer policy and product safety
KEBS/TC 160/SC 01Marketing servicesStandardization of the requirements for organizations and professionals conducting market, opinion and social research, psychological assessment, brand evaluation, rating services, billing services, product recall and exhibitions.
KEBS/TC 162E-Government interoperability Standardization of ICT systems within government tailored to support and to ensure interoperability within and across government through developing a Government Interoperable framework (GIF) that will focus on: I. Interoperability II. Reusability III.
KEBS/TC 163Cosmetics and related productsTC 163 covers cosmetics and Related products. These include the following: - Creams, emulsions, lotions, gels and oils for the skin (hands, face, feet, etc.) - face masks (with the exception of chemical peeling products) - Tinted bases (liquids, pastes, p
KEBS/TC 164Nutrition and Health ServicesStandardization in the field of nutrition and how it affects the human health, including terminologies, services and procedures.
KEBS/TC 165Securities and other Related Financial InstrumentsTC 165 covers standardization in the financial markets ?(buy and sell side of the securities markets) ?with the main focus on identification of counterparties, securities (bonds, equities, stocks derivatives) , trading venues, ?in securities transactions.
KEBS/TC 166Human Resource Management ServicesStandardization in the field of human resource management.
KEBS/TC 167FurnitureStandardization in the field of furniture including: terms and definitions; performance, safety and dimensional requirements; requirements for specific components (such as hardware) and test methods.
KEBS/TC 168Geographic Information / GeomaticsStandardization in the field of digital geographic information. Note: This work aims to establish a structured set of standards for information concerning objects or phenomena that are directly or indirectly associated with a location relative to the Ear
KEBS/TC 169Sustainable cities and communitiesStandardization in the field of Sustainable Cities and Communities will include the development of requirements, frameworks, guidance and supporting techniques and tools related to the achievement of sustainable development considering smartness and resil
KEBS/TC 170Herbal DrinksStandardization in the field of of natrural herbal drinks.
KEBS/TC 171Natural Products and ServicesStandardization in the field of natural products
KEBS/TC 171/SC 01Coconut Products Standardization in the field of natural coconut and realted products and services.
KEBS/TC 172Refrigeration and Air ConditioningStandardization in the fields of refrigeration and air-conditioning, including terminology, mechanical safety, methods of testing and rating equipment, measurement of sound levels, refrigerant and refrigeration lubricant chemistry, with consideration give
KEBS/TC 173Eurocode TCDevelopment of the national annexes of the Structural Eurocode standards.
KNCIECKenya National Committee of IEC