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Firm Name Postal Address Cert No Scope Cert Issue Date Expiry Date
Isuzu East Africa LimitedP.O. BOX 30527-00100, NAIROBIQMS/013Manufacture ,Sales Distribution and Associated after sales service,of Motor vehicles16th June 200915th June 2024
ASP Company LtdP.O. Box 56038- 00200, NAIROBIQMS/030Design , manufacture and supply of coated and lined steel pipes and fittings.6th June 20085th June 2023
KIIRUA TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTEP.O BOX 1931-60200 MERUQMS 343Provision of Training Technical, Vocational, Research and Innovation19th May 202118th May 2024
Polucon Services LtdP.O. BOX 99344 MOMBASAQMS/044Cargo Inspection and Verification , Laboratory Testing and Pest Control Services 10th February 20069th February 2024
Kenya Literature BureauP.O. BOX 30022-00100, NAIROBIQMS/055Sales, Marketing, Publishing and Printing of books28th October 200727th October 2022
Capital Markets AuthorityP.O. Box 74800 - 00200, NAIROBIQMS/058Provision of regulatory and facilitative services for the development of capital markets in Kenya8th December 20097th December 2024
Kenya School of GovernmentP.O BOX 23030-00100 NairobiQMS/066Provision of Training, Research ,Consultancy and Advisory services.29th June 200928th June 2024
Tana Water Services BoardP O Box 1292-10100,NYERIQMS/073Development of sustainable national public water and sanitation works,technical support and capacity building of county goverments and water service providers on request within the area of jurisdiction.6th July 20125th July 2024
Moi Teaching and Referral HospitalP.O. BOX 3-30100, ELDORETQMS/075Provision of healthcare services , Training and research27th March 200926th March 2024
Tanzania Steel Pipes LtdP.O. Box 5476, Dar es salaam TANZANIAQMS/078Design ,manufacture and supply of of Coated Lined steel pipes and fittings.18th May 200917th May 2024
National Housing CorporationP.O. Box 30257-00100, Nairobi, KenyaQMS/081Design and Supervision of housing development for sale and/or rental, advance of housing loans and manufacture of expanded polystyrene (EPS) building26th August 201925th August 2022
Kenya Plant Health InspectorateP.O. Box 49592-00100 NairobiQMS/083Agriculture regulatory services - Plant Variety protection, Seed certification Phytosanitary services and other support services.30th June 200929th June 2024
Mwalimu National SACCO LtdP.O. Box 62641-00200, NAIROBIQMS/084Mobilization of funds from customers and provision of credit services and other financial services20th July 200919th July 2024
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture62000-00200 NAIROBIQMS/096Provision of Higher Education Research and Innovation29th June 200928th June 2024
Kenya School of LawP O Box 30369-0010,NAIROBIQMS/101Advocates Training programme (ATP), Continuing professional development (CPD), Training of Paralegals, Provision of consultancy services and hosting of conferences and social functions16th January August 202131st January 2024
Kenya Civil Aviation AuthorityP.O BOX 30163-00100QMS/107Aviation safety and security regulation in Kenya22nd October 202031st March 2023
Nkabune Technical Training InstituteP O Box 330-60200 MeruQMS/117Provision of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET)23rd April 202330th January 2023
Kenya Utalii P.O Box 31052-00600 NairobiQMS/120Education, Training, Research and Consultancy in Tourism and Hospitality12th November 201811th November 2024
Rift Valley Technical Training InstituteP O Box 244-30100, ELDORETQMS/121Training services in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (T.V.E.T)20th September 201019th September 2022
Commission for University EducationP O Box 5499-00200 NairobiQMS/122University accreditation, approval of academic programmes, quality auditing of institutions and academic programmes, provision of policy advice16th September 201915th September 2022
P.C. Kinyanjui Technical Training InstituteP O Box 21280-00505,NAIROBIQMS/132Provision of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET)10th November 202019th May 2023
Mathenge Technical Training InstituteP.O. Box 665-10106 OTHAYAQMS/144Provision of Teaching, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET)18th July 201123rd August 2024
CPF Financial Services Ltd (Formerly Laptrust Administration Services Ltd)P.O. Box 28938-00200, NAIROBIQMS/145Retirement benefits and financial services30th June 201129th June 2024
Kenya Marine & Fisheries Research InstituteP.O Box 81651-80100,MombasaQMS/147Research for sustainable utilization of marine resources and development of strategic enterprises towards food security employment creation and restoration of the aquatic environment.5th November 20194th November 2022
Kenyatta National HospitalP O Box 20723-00202,NAIROBIQMS/148Provision of Specialized Healthcare Services2nd April 20121st April 2024
Michuki Technical Training InstituteP O Box 4-10202, KANGEMAQMS/150Provision of Technical, Industrial , Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET)28th May 201227th May 2024
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and TechnologyP.O. Box 62000-00200, NAIROBIQMS/096Provision of higher education, research and innovation29th July, 200928th July, 2024
Murang'a University College 75-10200, MURANG'AQMS/164 Teaching Research, Innovation and Consultancy7th August 20186th August 2024
Meru National PolytechnicP.O BOX 111-60200,MERUQMS/175Provision of technical and vocational education and training3rd November 202026th september 2023
Kaiboi Technical Training InstituteP O Box 937-30100, ELDORETQMS/178Provision of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET)5th September 20134th September 2022
Water Resources AuthorityP.O Box 45250-00100,NAIROBI QMS/180Regulation of water Resources Management and use14th February 202013th February 2023
Insurance Regulatory AuthorityP O Box 43505-00100,NAIROBIQMS/186Regulation,supervision and promotion of the insurance industry in Kenya29th June 201228th june 2024
Kenya Industrial Research & Development Institute - KIRDIP O Box 30650-00100, NAIROBIQMS/190Provision of Research , Technology and Innovation Services for Government and Clients2nd October 20131st october 2022
Nairobi Technical Training InstituteP O Box 30039-00100,NAIROBIQMS/194Provision of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training (TIVET)15th April 2019 27th February 2025
NSSFP O Box 33335-00200 NAIROBI QMS/181Provision of Social Security 28th February 201314th January 2025
Lake Basin Development AuthorityP.O Box 1516-40100,KISUMUQMS/195Sustainable intergrated technology transfers within all LBDA operations as conducted at the headquarters and three regional operation areas14th February 202013th February 2023
Bumbe Technical Training InstituteP.O Box440-50406,FunyulaQMS/200Provision of technical, vocational and entrepreneurship training 6th February 20205th February 2023
Mission for Essential Drugs & SuppliesP O Box 78040-00507, NAIROBIQMS/209Medical supply chain, capacity building activities and Pharmaceutical quality control laboratory14th December 201213th December 2022
Intertek Testing Services (PTY) E.A. LtdP O Box 77428 Dar Es Salaam,TanzaniaQMS/211Provision of Inspection,Testing and Calibration Services10th September 202210th September 2022
Defence Forces Memorial HospitalP. O Box 62938-00200, NAIROBIQMS/216Provision of Clinical Services to Kenya Defence Forces and their Dependants14th January 201413th January 2023
Kenya Tea Packers LimitedP O Box 413-20200 KerichoQMS/ 219Sourcing, blending, packaging, marketing and distribution of teas and purification, bottling, marketing and distribution of purified drinking water8th April 201415th September 2022
Sang?alo Institute of Science and TechnologyP.O. Box 158-50200,BungomaQMS/223Provision of Technical, Industrial Vocational and Entrepreneurship Training.26th August 201925th August 2022
Machakos Teachers Training CollegeP.O Box 124-90100,MACHAKOSQMS/225Provision of Primary Teacher Training5th September 20134th September 2022
Ewaso Ngiro South Development AuthorityP.O. Box 213-20500, Narok, KenyaQMS/245Basin planning activities, conservation water projects and community projects20th June 201425th August 2022
THE CO-OPERATIVE UNIVERSITY OF KENYAP.O BOX 24814-00502QMS 246Provision of education, training, research consultancy and conference facilities at the Main Campus12Th February 202110th July 2023
Wote Technical Training InstituteP.O Box 377-90300,QMS/247Provision of technical vocational education and training21st December 202029th June 2023
Centre for Mathematics, Science and Technology Education in Africa (CEMASTEA)P.O. Box 24214-00502, Karen, Nairobi QMS 248Provision of capacity building for mathematics and science teachers through in-service education and training12th February 202129th June 2023
St.Pauls Kibabii Diploma Teachers' Training CollegeP.O. Box 931-50200, BUNGOMAQMS/256Provision of teacher training30th June 201529th June 2024
South Eastern Kenya UniversityP.O. Box 170-90200, KITUIQMS/260Provision of teaching, research, extension, innovation and entrepreneurship25th November 201424th November 2024
University Of EmbuP.O. Box 6-60100, EMBUQMS/261Provision of training, research and extension 2nd December 20141st December 2023
Karatina UniversityP.O Box 1957-10101,KARATINAQMS/270Provision of training research and community service18th June 202017th June 2023
Kagumo Teachers CollegeP.O BOX 18-10100QMS /277Provision of education and training of diploma teachers3rd November 20202nd November 2023
KUSCCO28403-00200 NAIROBIQMS/279Provision of SACCOs through Advocacy,provision of Education,training,research,consultancy and provision of Financial services to SACCOs5th November 20154th November 2024
Kenya School of GovernmentP O BOX 23030 -00604 NAIROBIQMS/066Provision of Training, Research and Consultancy29th June, 201228th June, 2024
Bulto Suppliers & Transporters LtdP.O. Box 404-00202, NAIROBI QMS/288Transportation of Goods26th August 201625th August 2022
Nyeri Water & Sanitation Co. LtdP.O. Box 1520-10100, NYERIQMS/291Provision of Water, Sewerage, Water Testing and Water Meter Calibration Services23th January 201722nd January 2023
National Construction AuthorityP.O. Box 21046-00100QMS/300Regulation of Construction Industry3rd November 202010th October 2023
Kabarak UniversityPrivate Bag - 20157, KABARAKQMS/307Provision of Higher Education 21st December 20206th November 2023
Fairdeal Furniture LimitedP.O BOX 91045-80103 MOMBASAQMS/311Furniture Importation,Sale and Manufacture of Customised furniture30th May 201829 th May 2024
St .Francis Community HospitalP.O BOX 62676-00200,QMS/312Provision Of health Care Services13th August 201812th August 2024
ENGINEERS BOARD OF KENYAP.O Box-30324-00100,NAIROBIQMS/327Registration of engineers and engineering consulting firms, regulation of engineering professional services, setting of engineering standards and development of general practice of engineering through training and capacity development6th February 20205th February 2023
Siaya Institute of TechnologyP.O. Box 1087-40600, Siaya.QMS /331Provision of Technical, Industrial, Vocational and Entrepreneurship (TIVET) Training16th September15th September 2022
Kenya Trade Network Agency(KENTRADE)P.O. Box 36943-00200, NairobiQMS /333Establishment, Operationalization and management of Kenya National Electronic Single Window system and trade facilitation26th September25th September 2022
National Council For Law ReportingP.O. Box 10443-00100,NairobiQMS /334Publishing of Kenya Law Reports and related Legal publications16th September 201915th September 2022
Erdemann Company Kenya LimitedP.O. Box 42541-00100 NairobiQMS /335Constructions Of Buildings, Roads and Related civil works2nd October 20191st October 2022
Cylinder Works LimitedP.O Box 591-00232, NAIROBIQMS/336Repair revalidation and certification of LPG and bulk LPG tanks5th November 20194th November 2022
MUKIRIA TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTEP.O.Box 1093-60200, MERUQMS/337Entrepreneurial training through research innovation and technology6th February 20205th February 2023
TECHNICAL AND VOCATIONAL EDUCATION AND TRAINING AUTHORITYPO BOX 36525-00100,NAIROBIQMS 340Technical Vocational and education and Training Authority (TVETA15th January 202114th January 2024
KIIRUA TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTEP.O BOX 1931-60200 MERUQMS 341Provision of Training Technical, Vocational, Research and Innovation19th May 202118th May 2024
RAILWAYS TRAINING INSTITUTEP.O BOX 4226-00100,NAIROBIQMS /342Vocational Education Training at Nairobi Campus and Provision of Vocational Education Training and Maritime courses at Kisumu Campus12th January 202111th January 2024
Nairobi City Water & Sewerage Company LimitedP.O BOX 30656-00100 NAIROBIQMS 343Water supply and waste collection from the customers to the trunk lines and water harvesting, storage and treatment22nd February 202121st February 2024
Kenya Railways corporationP.O. Box 30121-00200, Nairobi.QMS/345Management and supervision of rail transportation (SGR), rail infrastructure development and provision of real estate services?12th January 202111th January 2024
Juniper Glass IndustriesDebre Birhan-EthiopiaQMS/346All manufacturing activities for glass containers to be used as a packaging material in the food industry12th May 202111th May 2024
Geothermal Development CompanyP O Box 100746-00101 NAIROBIQMS/347Consultancy services and coordination of exploration, resource assessment, drilling, reservoir management and steam harnessing in Naivasha, Kabarak, Baringo-Silali, Nakuru and Menengai?. 29th April 202128th April 2024
Matili TTIP O Box 76-50204-Kimilili -BungomaQMS 349Provision of Technical, Industrial, vocational and Entrepreneurship training??30th August 202129th August 2024
Rongo UniversityP.O BOX 103-40404,RONGOQMS/344Teaching, Researching and Innovation, Consultancy and Extension30th September202129th September 2024
Maseno UniversityP.O BOX 333-40105 MASENOQMS/353Provision of Teaching,Research,Outreach at the Main Campus and Kisumu Campus,Hotel and Conferencing Services at the Kisumu Hotel19th May 202118th May 2024
National Aids Control CouncilP O BOX 61307-00200 NAIROBIQMS/357Coordination of the National Response to HIV and AIDS in Kenya30th Auguat 202129th August 2024
Tropikal BrandsP.O BOX 49465-00100 Nairobi QMS/371Manufacturing and Distribution of Home Care, Car Care, Personal Care, Consumer Health Care and Food Products4th April 20223rd April 2025
Higher Education Loans BoardP O BOX 69489-00400 NAIROBIQMS/093Provision of loans, bursaries and scholarships to Kenyan students pursuing higher education13th September 202115th June 2024
Kiirua TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTEP O BOX 1931-60200 MeruQMS/341 Provision of Training in Technical, Vocational, Research and Innovation"19th May 202118th May 2024
National Aids Control Council PO BOX 61307-00200 NAIROBIQMS/086"Coordination of the National Response to HIV and AIDS in Kenya"30th Auguat 202129th August 2024
Kenya Ports AuthorityP O BOX 95009-80104 MOMBASAQMS/087Facilitation of sea-borne trade by providing marine operation, cargo handling and short-term warehousing services at KPA headquarters in Kipevu Mombasa, Inland Container Depot ? Nairobi (ICDN), the Jetty Sevices at Lamu Jetty Office and marketing services17th March 202119th July 2024
Kenya Roads BoardP O BOX 73718-00200 NAIROBIQMS/089Managementof the Kenya Roads Board (KRB)fund and the rehabilitation and maintenance of the road network in Kenya28th October 202124th June 2024
Kenya School of LawP O BOX 30369 -00200 NAIROBIQMS/101"Advocate Training programme(ATP),continuing proffessional development (CPD), Training of Paralegals, provision of consultancy services and hosting of conferences and social functions16th August 202131st January 2024
Kenya Medical Training CollegeP O BOX 31052 -00600 NAIROBIQMS/069Training of Health professionals16th June, 201915th June, 2024
Kenya Urban Roads AuthorityPO BOX 41727-00100,NAIROBIQMS/236Management, Development, Rehabilitation and Maintenance of National Urban Trunk Roads in Kenya11th June 201510th June 2024
Oml Africa Logistics LimitedP.O BOX 45075-00100 NAIROBIQMS/368Logistics solutions provider in energy (oils&gas),Coporate logistics and Large infrastructure sectors18th February 201617th February 2025
Kenya National Bureau of StatisticsP.O.BOX 30266-00100 NAIROBIQMS/361Production and management of statistical Information25th April 202224th April 2025
NSSFP.O BOX 30599-00100 NAIROBIQMS/181Provision of social security services15th January 201315th January 2025
Bungoma West Hosptal,P.O. BOX 152,BungomaQMS/360Provision for health care services21st February 202220th February 2025
Maasai mara universityP.O BOX 861-20500 NAROKQMS/358Teaching,researching,consultancy and community service for sustainable development23rd May 202222nd May 2025
Machakos universityP.O BOX 136-90100 MACHAKOSQMS/154Teaching,training,research,consultancy,innovation and community service8th May 20127th May 2024
Mount Kenya UniversityP.O BOX 342-00100 THIKAQMS/210Provision of higher education,research and extension services19th December 201218th December 2024
Eldoret Water and Sanitation Company LimitedP.O BOX 8418-30100 ELDORETQMS/318Provisionof portable water within Eldoret town and its environs and provision of sewerage services14th September 201813th September 2024
The Eldoret National PolytechnicP.O BOX 4461-30100 ELDORETQMS/159Provision of Technical,Industrial,Vocational and Enterprenureship training Services30th June 202229th June 2025
Kisiwa Technical Training InstituteP.O BOX 657-50200 BUNGOMAQMS/241Provision of Scientific Technical Training,Research and Extension Services30th June 202229th June 2025
KNATCOM(UNESCO)P.O BOX 72107-00200 NIROBIQMS/326Provision of UNESCO Programmes15th April 201914th April 2025
RVISTP.O BOX 7182-20100 NAKURUQMS/171Provision of Technical and Vocational Education Training13th January 201312th January 2025
COMMUNICATION AUTHORITY OF KENYAP.O BOX 14448-00800 NAIROBIQMS/370Regulation of the information and technology sectors and communication including broadcasting,cyber securyt,multimedia,telecommunication,electronic postal and courier services and universal access30th June 202229th June 2025
NATIONAL CEREALS AND PRODUCE BOARDP.O BOX 30585-00100,NAIROBIQMS/355"Handling of Cereals and Pulses, Warehouse Management Servuces including Clearind and Forwarding;Third Party Sales and Marketing of other Agricultural Products"15th July 202114th July 2024
The Karen HospitalP.O BOX 74240-00200 NAIROBIQMS/109Provision of Health Care Services25th June 201024th June 2025
National Health Insurance FundP.O. Box 30443-00100 NAIROBIQMS/383Provision of health Insurance in Kenya14th March 202513th March 2025