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Firm Name Postal Address Cert No Scope Cert Issue Date Expiry Date
Consol Glass LimitedP.O BOX 49835-00100 NAIROBIENV/004Manufacturing,Printing,Packaging and Warehousing container glass products14th July 201013th July 2025
East Africa MaltingsP.O BOX 41412-00100 NAIROBIENV/005Processing of barley,Millet and sorghurm seeds for brewing at the Molo Plant and Malt production at th Kampala Road (Nairobi)Plant.13th September 202116th April 2024
The Nairobi HospitalP.O. Box 30026-00100, NAIROBIENV/008Provision of healthcare services and medical training for headquarters and provision of healthcare services for the outpatient clinics 20th Nov. 200730th November 2022
Juniper Glass IndustriesDebre Birhan,EthiopiaENV/29All manufacturing activities for glass containers to be used as a packaging material in the food industry23rd April 202122nd April 2024
Bidco Africa EliantoP.O BOX 7029-20100 NAKURUENV/030Extraction of edible oils from oil bearing seed and sale/manufacture of animal feed products6th September 20215th September 2024