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Firm Name Postal Address Cert No Scope Cert Issue Date Expiry Date
East African Maltings LtdP.O. Box 41412-00100, NAIROBIFSMS/003All operations of barley ,millet and sourghum seeds for brewing at Molo plant and Malt production at the Kampala road (Nairobi )plant28th January 201024th June 2022
Kenya Breweries LtdP O Box 30161-00100 NAIROBIFSMS/004Production of Larger Beer, Spirit adults non alcoholic beverages (ANADS) and ready to drink spirits based products from receipt of raw materials to the dispatch of finished goods28th January 201024th June 2022
The Nairobi Hospital - Catering Unit P.O. Box 30026-00100, NAIROBIFSMS/014All processes from procurement of foodstuff, transportation, receiving, storage, preparation and cooking to serving of food 27th November 202026th October 2023
Kenya Tea Packers LimitedP.O BOX 413-20200,KERICHOFSMS/027All proceses from receipt of raw materials,blending,packaging and dispatch of packed Tea.18th February 201417th February 2023
Unga Farm Care (E.A) LimitedP O Box 41788-00200, NAIROBIFSMS/032Animal feeds production from receipt of raw materials to dispatch of finished products25th June 201324th June 2022
Kipkebe Tea FactoryP.O. Private Bag, Saotik-20406, KENYAFSMS/033Manufacture of black tea from green leaf reception, withering, cutting, fermenting, packing and dispatch of made tea1st October 201430th September 2023
Unga Farm Care (E.A) Nakuru Feeds PlantP O Box 7202-20100, NAKURUFSMS/034Animal feeds manufacturing from receiving of raw materials to dispatch for all animal feeds categories3rd December 20132nd December 2022
Unga Farm Care (E.A) Nakuru Mineral PlantP O Box 7202-20100, NAKURUFSMS/035Production of mineral supplements and pre-mixes from raw materials, receipt to dispatch of end products3rd December 20132nd December 2022
Keritor Factory - Kipkebe LtdPrivate Bag - 20406, SOTIKFSMS/046Manufacture of black tea from green leaf receiption to dispatch20th November 201719th November 2023
Bidco Africa - Noodles PlantP.O BOX 239-01000 Bidco Industrial Park RuiruFSMS/048Product of Instant noodles from receiving of raw materials, tipping, kneading, sheeting, streaming, frying, cooling, packaging and warehousing of the final product"15th September 202118th June 2022
Bidco Africa- Beverage PlantP.O BOX 239-01000 Plant RuiruFSMS049"All Processes from raw material receiving and storage, processing, packaging and warehousing of nitrohotfill(NHF) fruit drinks, carbornated soft drinks and drinking water"13th September 202118th June 2022
BrysonP O BOX 99556-80107 MOMBASAFSMS/045Warehousing ,Blending,Packaging and Dispatch of Bulk Teas and Retail packages(Category CIV)23rd November 202114th October 2024