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Technical Committee Number Technical Committee Name Technical Committee Scope  
KEBS/POL 001Kenya National Committee of IEC (KNCIEC)
KEBS/TC 001Cereals and pulses
KEBS/TC 002Horticultural Fresh Produce
KEBS/TC 003Tea
KEBS/TC 004Coffee
KEBS/TC 005Animal Feeds
KEBS/TC 006Edible nuts and Seeds
KEBS/TC 007Propagation Materials
KEBS/TC 008Tubers and tuber products
KEBS/TC 009Organic Farming and Organic products
KEBS/TC 010Fertilizers and Soil Conditioners
KEBS/TC 011Tobacco and Tobacco Products
KEBS/TC 012Phytosanitary Measures
KEBS/TC 013Processed Cereals and Pulses
KEBS/TC 014Processed Fruits and Vegetables
KEBS/TC 015Milk and Milk products
KEBS/TC 016Meat and Poultry Products
KEBS/TC 017Fish and Fishery Products
KEBS/TC 018Food Hygiene
KEBS/TC 019Sugar and Sugar products
KEBS/TC 020Food labelling
KEBS/TC 021Drinking water
KEBS/TC 022Food additives
KEBS/TC 023Alcoholic Beverages
KEBS/TC 024Spices, Culinary herbs, and Condiments
KEBS/TC 025Edible Fats and Oils
KEBS/TC 026Sensory analysis
KEBS/TC 027Cocoa and Cocoa products
KEBS/TC 028Apiculture Products
KEBS/TC 029Nutrition and foods for special dietary use
KEBS/TC 030Biotechnology
KEBS/TC 031Water based flavoured drinks and ices
KEBS/TC 032Veterinary drug residues and antimicrobial resistance in food
KEBS/TC 033Adhesives and Resins
KEBS/TC 034Paints and Allied Products
KEBS/TC 035Surface Active Agents
KEBS/TC 036Paper and Paper Products
KEBS/TC 037Photography
KEBS/TC 038Rubber and Rubber Products
KEBS/TC 039Graphical Technology
KEBS/TC 040Writing Aids
KEBS/TC 041Mining
KEBS/TC 042Water Quality
KEBS/TC 043Air Quality
KEBS/TC 044Soil Quality
KEBS/TC 045Clean Rooms and Associated Environment
KEBS/TC 046Petroleum and Petroleum Products
KEBS/TC 047Polishes and Waxes
KEBS/TC 048Industrial Solvents and Chemicals
KEBS/TC 049Disinfectants and Bleaches
KEBS/TC 050Plastics
KEBS/TC 051Ceramics
KEBS/TC 052Glass, laboratory glassware and related apparatus
KEBS/TC 053Packaging
KEBS/TC 054Highway Control Materials
KEBS/TC 055Gases
KEBS/TC 056Wastes
KEBS/TC 057Mattresses
KEBS/TC 058Refrigerants and refrigeration lubricants
KEBS/TC 059Household products
KEBS/TC 060Pesticides
KEBS/TC 062Commercial explosives and pyrotechnics
KEBS/TC 063Transport of dangerous goods
KEBS/TC 064Fibres and Yarns
KEBS/TC 065Dyestuffs,chemicals, auxilliaries and finishing in textiles
KEBS/TC 066Hard fibres and related products
KEBS/TC 067Fabrics – Knitted , Woven , Non-woven
KEBS/TC 069Towels, medical and hygienic textile products
KEBS/TC 070Ready made garments
KEBS/TC 072Textile floor coverings and furnishings
KEBS/TC 073Textile machinery and allied accessories
KEBS/TC 074Geosynthetics
KEBS/TC 075Leather and leather products
KEBS/TC 076Hand Made Textile Products
KEBS/TC 077Cements and Lime
KEBS/TC 078Concrete and concrete products
KEBS/TC 079Steel
KEBS/TC 080Timber and timber products
KEBS/TC 081Roads and road furniture
KEBS/TC 082Geotechnics
KEBS/TC 083Refractories
KEBS/TC 084Plywood and boards
KEBS/TC 085Electric Lamps and Wiring Accessories
KEBS/TC 086Switchgear and distribution equipment
KEBS/TC 087Extra-low Voltage Equipment
KEBS/TC 088Cables and Conductors
KEBS/TC 089Communication equipment and Systems
KEBS/TC 090Electrical Tools and Appliances
KEBS/TC 091Electrical installations and Distribution systems
KEBS/TC 092Renewable Energy and Energy Managemnet
KEBS/TC 092/SC 01Biogas
KEBS/TC 092/SC 02Solar and Wind Technologies
KEBS/TC 092/SC 03Hydropower
KEBS/TC 092/SC 04Energy Management
KEBS/TC 092/SC 05Bioenergy
KEBS/TC 093IT Security techniques
KEBS/TC 094Software Engineering, IT service management and IT governance
KEBS/TC 096Informatics Applications
KEBS/TC 098Information Technology for Learning, Education and Training
KEBS/TC 099Telecommunications and information exchange between systems
KEBS/TC 100Electronic Cards, Personal Identification and Biometrics
KEBS/TC 103Mechanics, Acoustics and Dimensional Metrology
KEBS/TC 104Thermodynamics, Photometry, Optics and Photonics.
KEBS/TC 105Instrumentation and Calibration Coordination
KEBS/TC 106Dosimetry, radiometry and non-destructive metrology
KEBS/TC 107Freight containers
KEBS/TC 108Plastic Pipes, Fittings and Valves
KEBS/TC 109Cutlery and table hollow-ware
KEBS/TC 110Boilers and pressure vessels
KEBS/TC 111Basic engineering
KEBS/TC 112Containers and tanks
KEBS/TC 113Welding and allied processes
KEBS/TC 114Wire and wire products
KEBS/TC 114/SC 01Steel wire ropes
KEBS/TC 115Ships and marine technology
KEBS/TC 116Lifts and escalators
KEBS/TC 117Liquefied petroleum gas installations
KEBS/TC 118Petroleum tanks and installations
KEBS/TC 119Iron mongery and builders hardware
KEBS/TC 120Small tools
KEBS/TC 121Steel and aluminium products and metallugy
KEBS/TC 122Road vehicles
KEBS/TC 123Tyres, rims and valves
KEBS/TC 124Tractors and machinery for agriculture and forestry
KEBS/TC 125Metal pipes and metallic fittings
KEBS/TC 126Appropriate technology
KEBS/TC 127Cranes and Industrial trucks
KEBS/TC 128Cycles
KEBS/TC 129Equipments for fire fighting and Fire protection
KEBS/TC 130Aircrafts
KEBS/TC 131Clay and clay products
KEBS/TC 132Assistive products for persons with disabilities
KEBS/TC 133Masonry and natural stones
KEBS/TC 134Construction technology
KEBS/TC 135Sanitation and water treatment
KEBS/TC 136Hospital Equipment, Medical devices, Instruments and related tools
KEBS/TC 136/SC 01Surgical Instruments
KEBS/TC 136/SC 02Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices
KEBS/TC 136/SC 04Implants for Surgery
KEBS/TC 136/SC 05Anaesthetic and Respiratory Equipment
KEBS/TC 137Dentistry and oral Hygien
KEBS/TC 138Non-systemic Contraceptives and STI barrier prophylactics
KEBS/TC 139Pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines
KEBS/TC 139/SC 01Pharmaceuticals and related Tools and Devices
KEBS/TC 140Beauty Services
KEBS/TC 141Veterinary Services
KEBS/TC 142Health informatics
KEBS/TC 143Health and Safety
KEBS/TC 143/SC 01Ergonomics
KEBS/TC 144Disaster Management
KEBS/TC 145Acoustics and Noise Pollution Abatement Management
KEBS/TC 146Education Services
KEBS/TC 147Banking and other related Financial Services
KEBS/TC 148Library Information and Publishing
KEBS/TC 150Social Responsibility
KEBS/TC 150/WG 1Agrifoods Social Responsibility
KEBS/TC 151Facilities Management
KEBS/TC 152Sports and Related Equipments
KEBS/TC 153Safety of Toys
KEBS/TC 154Quality Management and Quality Assurarnce
KEBS/TC 155Conformity Assessment
KEBS/TC 156Environmental Management Systems
KEBS/TC 156/SC 01Bulk Water Services
KEBS/TC 156/SC 02Sewage Services
KEBS/TC 157Refuse Disposal Services
KEBS/TC 158Statistical Methods and Basic Measurement
KEBS/TC 158/SC 01Application of Statistical Methods
KEBS/TC 158/SC 02Basic Principles
KEBS/TC 159Graphical Symbols
KEBS/TC 160Consumer and Related Services
KEBS/TC 161Accounting services
KEBS/TC 162E-Government interoperability
KEBS/TC 163Cosmetics and related products
KEBS/TC 164Nutrition and Health Services
KEBS/TC 165Securities and other Related Financial Instruments
KEBS/TC 166Human Resource Management Services
KEBS/TC 167Furniture
KEBS/TC 168Geographic Information / Geomatics
KEBS/TC 169Sustainable cities and communities
KEBS/TC 170Herbal Drinks
KEBS/TC 171Natural Products and Services
KEBS/TC 171/SC 01Coconut Products
KEBS/TC 172Refrigeration and Air conditioning
KEBS/TC 173Eurocode
KEBS/TC 174Savoury Snacks
KEBS/TC 175Clinical Laboratory and in Vitro Diagnostic Test Systems
KEBS/TC 176Alternative Medicines and related Services
KEBS/TC 177Occupational Health and Safety
KEBS/TC 178Higher Education Services
KEBS/TC 179Basic Education Services
KEBS/TC 180Special education services
KEBS/TC 181Early Childhood care and education services
KEBS/TC 182Tertiary Education Services
KEBS/TC 183Intellectual Property Services
KEBS/TC 184Media and Publicity
KEBS/TC 185Tour Guide Services and Travel Agencies
KEBS/TC 186Sports Tourism
KEBS/TC 187Tourism and Accommodation
KEBS/TC 188Cultural Heritage
KEBS/TC 189Tourist Information Services
KEBS/TC 190Beaches
KEBS/TC 191Training of Tourism Schools, Service providers and personnel
KEBS/TC 192Eco. Tourism
KEBS/TC 193Fire Safety services
KEBS/TC 194Records and Archives management
KEBS/TC 195Distibution Services
KEBS/TC 196Bamboo and Rattan