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PVoC is a conformity assessment programme based on Article 5 of WTO-TBT agreement, administered by Kenya Bureau of Standards on behalf of the Government, carried out by the appointed KEBS Verification partners on regulated goods in the country of supply. The overall objective is to minimize the risk of unsafe and substandard goods entering Kenyan market, thus ensuring health, safety and environmental protection for Kenyans.

Basis of conformity Assessment
To ensure equal national treatment, in line with WTO, all Conformity assessments shall be based on Kenyan technical regulations (i.e. Kenya Standard) where they exist. However, in the absence of Kenyan technical regulations, International Standard or technical regulations applicable in the country of supply shall apply

Appointed PVoC agents and their designated regions of responsibilities

The four (4) inspection companies (PVoC Agents) namely; Messrs Bureau Veritas, China Certification and Inspection Group, Intertek International, and Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) have been contracted by KEBS to undertake PVoC activities in the new contract effective from 18th Jan. 2015. The new contract provides for more than one PVoC Agent per region thus providing a choice to the exporters/ importers.
How are goods accompanied by CoC handled at the port of entry(Kenya )?
PVoC programme is independent of and additional to any existing import processes such as destination inspection (DI). Goods accompanied by CoC will be subjected to surveillance inspection based on the pre-determined surveillance plan. However, KEBS will endeavor to release such goods without undue delays.
Any regulated goods arriving at the port of entry without a CoC will be subjected to DI at a fee equivalent to 15% of the CIF value of the same. The importer will be further required to execute a redeemable bond of a similar amount pending quality verification



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