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Sample Control is one of the sections under the Testing Services Department (TES) (Link to TES). The section is majorly tasked with receiving, processing (login) and dispatch of all samples that are brought to KEBS for testing in the testing laboratories (Link to TES labs) be it for regulatory conformance to standards, for tender purposes or for general private testing. The section handles in excess of 40,000 samples annually. The main activities covered in sample control are outlined below:

  1. Receiving customer inquiries relating to testing services and issue of quotations for private testing
  2. Receipt of samples meant for analysis
  3. Login to the Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) (Link?) of received samples. A serial number (BS number) is assigned to the samples and used to track the sample throughout the testing process.
  4. Labelling of the samples with a LIMS generated barcode label containing the details of the sample, destination lab among other details
  5. Dispatch of processed samples to the lab for analysis
  6. Issue of test reports for privately submitted samples

Sample Control activities are also carried out in the KEBS regional offices of Coast (Mombasa) (Links?), Lake (Kisumu), North Rift (Eldoret) and South Rift (Nakuru). There are plans to expand to the regions of Mount Kenya (Nyeri) and North Eastern (Garissa).

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