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KS IEC 62075_2012_Systematic Review Form

KS IEC 62075_2012_Systematic Review Form

The Kenya Bureau of Standards intends to withdraw and replace the Kenya Standards as detailed in the attached list of Kenya Standards for Systematic Review.

We are therefore seeking views from potential users in respect of relevance and effectiveness of the attached standard(s) in addressing current market needs, regulatory needs and scientific and technological development.

The Standards are available at the Kenya Bureau of Standards Information Resource Centre.  Please tick (mark) and fill your preference of the listed option in the table.

Note 1: Absence of sustainable technical justifications in support of the objection shall render the objection unviable.

NOTE 2:  Absence of any reply or comments shall be deemed to be an acceptance of the proposal for withdrawal and shall constitute an approval vote.

KEBS/TC 087 Extra-low Voltage Equipment - Confirmation Proposal

KEBS/TC 087 Extra-low Voltage Equipment - Withrawal Proposal

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