Electrical Engineering Laboratory

Electrical Engineering laboratory has two subunits namely; Appliances/accessories and starter battery units. This laboratory carries out tests on household electrical & electronic appliances, electrical materials for installation in domestic and commercial buildings, electrical materials for installation in automotives, electrical materials used by power utilities and distributions transformers.  Products tested include extension cables, lamps, electric iron boxes, fridges, cookers, electric cables, PVC conduits, switchgear & control gear, speed limiters, starter batteries, auto lamps, auto cables, vehicle security alarm system, overhead conductors, armoured cables, insulators to mention but a few.  Tests performed on the mentioned products are performance and safety tests e.g initial life on lamps, power rating of cookers and conductor resistances of cables & conductors.

The laboratory in addition tests speed limiters and thus supports the National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) in fulfilling their mandate.

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