Training for Metrology

Metrology offers specialized training for industry, government agencies, accredited calibration centres, other National Metrology Institutes in the region and educational Institutes in the following fields of measurements.

                • Mass, balances and moisture content determination.
                • Time, frequency and radio frequency.
                • Length, dimension , angle and surface texture
                • Pressure and vacuum
                • Current, voltage, resistance, capacitance and inductance
                • Density and viscosity
                • Temperature and humidity
                • Force, torque and hardness
                • Volume and flow
                • Energy and transformer
                • Acoustics and vibration
                • Photometry( light intensity)
                • Ionizing radiation( Radioactivity)
                • Introduction to metrology and measurements
                • ISO/IEC 17025
                • ISO 9001
                • Safety, Health and Environmental Management Systems(introduction)
                • Uncertainty in measurements
                • Chemical metrology


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