Gas Laboratory

The work of the Gas Analysis section is informed by the Kyoto Protocol, an international agreement linked to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as well as Kenyan national regulations on air pollution monitoring, law enforcement and occupational health and safety. The section is responsible for the dissemination of reference gas mixtures, as well as the provision of measurement services, reference measurements and calibration. To meet these emerging needs, the lab has invested in the technology and personnel required to offer comprehensive gas testing services for pharmaceutical and industrial clients.

The following measurement and calibration services are available:

  1. Determination of oxygen
  2. Determination of nitrogen
  3. Determination of carbon dioxide
  4. Determination of carbon monoxide in air/ gas mixture
  5. Calibration of evidential alcohol breath analysers
  6. Calibration of indoor air quality monitors/ gas detectors
  7. Indoor air quality monitoring
  8. Air quality stack emission assessment
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