Environmental Management Systems
(Manual Application List)

Firm NamePostal AddressCert NoScope CertIssue DateExpiry Date
Consol Glass LimitedP.O BOX 49835-00100 NAIROBIENV/004Manufacturing,Printing,Packaging and Warehousing container glass products14th July 201013th July 202523
East Africa MaltingsP.O BOX 41412-00100 NAIROBIENV/005Processing of barley,Millet and sorghurm seeds for brewing at the Molo Plant and Malt production at th Kampala Road (Nairobi)Plant.13th September 202116th April 20243
The Nairobi HospitalP.O. Box 30026-00100, NAIROBIENV/008?Provision of Healthcare Services & Nursing Education and Professional Development20th Nov. 200719th November 202538
Juniper Glass IndustriesDebre Birhan,EthiopiaENV/29All manufacturing activities for glass containers to be used as a packaging material in the food industry23rd April 202122nd April 202412
Bidco Africa EliantoP.O BOX 7029-20100 NAKURUENV/030Extraction of edible oils from oil bearing seed and sale/manufacture of animal feed products6th September 20215th September 20243
Bidco Africa Limited-Thikap.o box 239-0100 THIKAENV/006Manufaturing and Marketing of edible oils,cooking fats,margarine,baking powder,noodles,beverages,soaps,detergents and personal care products14th September 201813th September 20243
Her Kitchn Foods LimitedP.O BOX 5500-00100 NAIROBIENV/031Manufacture of natural sauces from vegetables,from product design,raw materials preparation,packaging and labelling storage and distribution5th May 20224th May 20253
Bidco Africa Limited-ThikaP.O BOX 239-00100 THIKAENV/057Manufacturing and Marketing of soaps,detergents and personal care products14th September 201813thSeptember 20243
Afrimac Nut Company LimitedP.O BOX 57994-00200 NAIROBIENV/033Production of raw macadamia Kernel and oil3rd August 20222nd August 20253
Bee-Care Apiaries International LimitedP.O BOX 4262-01002ENV/050Processing and Marketing of honey,peanut butter and Cashew nut3rd August 20222nd August 20253
East Africa Wax Company LimitedP.O BOX 4262-01002ENV/058Processing of Beeswax3rd August 20222nd August 202523
Vert LimitedP.O BOX 10132 NAIROBIEMS/032Manufacturing of fruits puree,fruits slices and packaging,cooling of frsh fruits and vegetables5th September 20224th September 20253
Sarjim Holdings LimitedP.O BOX 17265-20100 NAIROBIEMS/035Production of sesame(simsim).mabuyu,dried mangoes(achari)and coconut snacks(kashsta)19th September 202218th September 20253
Goshen Farm EX=xporters LimitedP.O BOX 19119-00501 NAIROBIEMS/056Processing of fresh and dried fruits and vegetables5th September 20224th September 20253
Azaavi Foods LimitedP.O BOX 51403-00200 NAIROBIEMS/038Production of dried fruits(Mangoes,Pine apples and Bananas)11th August 202210th August 20253
The University of Nairobi-PilotPlant/Processing HubP.O BOX 30197-00100 NAIROBIEMS/041Production of Pasturizedmilk,youghurt and fermented milk at the pilot plant and production of juices and wines in the processing hub31st August 202230th August 20253
Bettana Industries LimitedP.O BOX 51721-00100 NAIROBIEMS/047Production of tomato and chilli sauce,fruit juices and mango chutney24th October 202223rd October 20253
Isuzu East Africa LimitedP.O BOX 30527-00100 NAIROBIEMS/055Manufacture,sale,distribution and associated after sales services of motor vehicles24th October 202223rd October 202523
Laikipia Permaculture Centre LimitedP.O Box 566-10400 NANYUKIEMS/036Sustainable agricultural production and value addition of organically grown products12th September 202211th September 20253
Laikipia Permaculture Centre LimitedP.O Box 566-10400 NANYUKIEMS/59Training consultancy and hospitality12th September 202211th September 20250
Vokenel Enterprises LimitedP.O Box 13009-00400 NAIROBIEMS/40Production of baobab powder and baobab oil5th September 20224th September 2025.3
Orchard Juice LimitedP.O Box 38699-00623 NAIROBIEMS/51?Processing of fresh Juices.24th October 202223rd October 2025.3
Joopers Busy LimitedP.O Box 2344 KISUMUEMS/43Production of Sugarcane Juice blended with ginger and lemon23rd October 202523rd October 2025.3
Kabondo Sweet Potato Marketing Cooperative SocietyP.O Box 63-40223

EMS/44Processing and Marketing Sweet Potato products11th October 202210th October 2025.3
Mwanainchi Bakers and Confectioners LimitedP.O Box 87519-80100 MOMBASAEMS/52?Baking and Marketing of bread and cakes?19th September 202218th September 20253
Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT)P.O Box 62000-00200 NAIROBIEMS/020Provision of higher education and research15th April 201914th April 202537
Lake Victoria Water Works Development AgencyP.O BOX 673-50100 KAKAMEGAEMS/19Development, Management and Maintenance of Sustainable Water and Sanitation Works in its are of jurisdiction10th January 20229th January 202527
Mace Foods LimitedP.O BOX 5858-30100 ELDORETEMS/042Processing of chilies annd dried African Indigenous vegetables18th November 202217th November 20250
Kenya Breweries LimitedP.O BOX 30161-00100 NAIROBIEMS/012Production of beer,cider,spirits,adult non alcoholic beverages(ANADS)AND READY TO DRINK SPIRIT BASED PRODUCTS FROM RECEPTION OF RAW MATERIALS TO DISPATCH OF FINISHED GOODS25th June 201024th June 20250
Nyangorora Banana Processor Limited CompanyP.O BOX 42244-40200 KISIIEMS/034Manufacturing of banana cakes and flour29th November 202228th November 20250
Olivado EPZ LimitedP.O BOX 27953-00100 NAIROBIEMS/046Processing of fresh avocado fruit and avocado oil for export market18th November 202217th November 20250
G-Star Youth GroupP.O.BOX 1812 NYERIEMS/054?Production of banana Flour19th December 202218th December 20250
Intervege Exports EPZ LTDP.O.BOX 19087-00500EMS/049?Processing and packaging of French beans, cow peas and sugar snaps peas.0

From integrated Management System

KEBS Website Lists
Company Name Postal Address Product Name Standard Audit Type Org Number Issue Date Expiry Date
SOUS CHEF LIMITED1279-00621Receiving of raw material, preparation and cooking, filling, freezing, packing, labelling, frozen storage up to dispatch of frozen snacks. (Category C, Subcategory CIII)FSMSInitial Audit (Stage 1 and Stage 2)FSMS 532023-04-042026-04-03
KIPKEBE LIMITED-KIPKEBE FACTORYPRIVATE-BAG SOTIK, NYAMIRAManufacture of black tea from green leaf reception, withering, cutting, fermenting, drying, sorting, packing up to dispatch. (Category C, Sub-category CIV)FSMSRe-certificationKEBS/FSMS/SC/332024-01-092026-10-28
KIPKEBE LIMITED-KERITOR FACTORYPRIVATE-BAG SOTIK, NYAMIRAManufacture of black tea from green leaf reception, withering, cutting, fermenting, drying, sorting, packing up to dispatch. (Category C, Sub-category CIV)FSMSRe-certificationKEBS/FSMS/SC/462024-01-092026-11-19
African Diatomite Industries LimitedP.O. 32 - 20116All processes of production of diatomaceous earth products used as filter aids in the food industry and as food supplements, from mining, receiving of raw material at the production facility, milling, drying, calcination, secondary milling, classification, packaging, warehousing and dispatch of the finished productFSMSInitial Audit (Stage 1 and Stage 2)KEBS/FSMS/542024-02-072027-02-06
SALIM WAZARAN KENYA COMPANY LTD.P.O BOX 43277- 80100 MOMBASA-KENYAProduction of instant noodles from receiving of raw materials, mixing of ingredients, flour dumping, pressing, slitting and wave formation, steaming, fan drying, cutting and folding, deep frying, cooling, sorting, packaging and warehousing, to dispatch of finished product. (Category C, Sub-category CIV)FSMSInitial Audit (Stage 1 and Stage 2)KEBS/FSMS/SC/552024-03-142027-03-13
KENYA TEA PACKERS LIMITED413-20200 KERICHOAll processes from receipt of raw materials, blending, packaging up to warehousing of packed tea.FSMSRe-certificationKEBS/FSMS/SC/212024-04-232026-11-01
The Nairobi HospitalP.O BOX 30026 - 00100All processes from procurement of foodstuff, transportation, receiving, storage, preparation and cooking to serving of food".FSMSRe-certificationKEBS/FSMS/SC/0142024-05-032026-10-26
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