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KEBS provices certification solutions to ensure food safety

Food safety: Practices promote Universal Health Coverage

New standards to benefit horticulture industry 


Download August 2022 Newsletter 

  • KEBS Unveils 102 New Standards The bureau releases new standards on food, motorcycle helmet liners, cosmetics , oil, gas
  • Consumer Privacy
  • Construction Standards
  • Foos safety for health

Download Newsletter February 2022

  • KEBS ready to support business recovery as the economy reopens
  • Local entrepreneurs and innovators meet at the 3rd Annual Innovation Pipeline webinars
  • KEBS warns against illegal repackaging of food products
  • Harmonization of EAC Standards Fosters Regional Trade

The Monthly Newsletter of October 2020

  • KEBS publishes protocols for importation and trade in used textiles and shoes (Mitumba) Curbing substandard products through ‘Wajibika na KEBS’ Initiative
  • Live, Grow, Prosper with KEBS
  • Food Additives: Safe use, regulatory control and empowering consumers
  • The role of comparable measurement in today’s globalized


The Monthly Newsletter of September of 2020

December newsletter
  • From the Corporate Communications Manager’s Desk
  • KEBS in the fght against COVID-19 Standards supporting the fght against COVID-19
  • Measurement in health - The key to patient safety
  • Testing for global trade
  • First female ARSO president making great efforts for Africa standardization
  • Business continuity and risk management, when the unexpected happens Prevention of aflatoxin contamination
    key for food and livestock feed safety
  • Harmonisation of EAC standards fosters regional trade

    The Benchmark Issue 6 2020

 August Monthly Newsletter image 50


  • Food Safety, Global Concerns, and the Role of the Kenya Food Industry

  • Prevention of aflatoxin contamination key for food and feed safety

  • KEBS moves to enhance quality and safety of animal feed with new standards

  • Food standards, the foundation of achieving food safety

Please click below to download the August KEBS Newsletter

The Monthly Newsletter August 2020

  • KEBS Moves to Ease the Product Certification Process With Revised Standardization Mark Scheme
  • Local manufacturer feted with Diamond Mark of Quality
  • KEBS urges the use of calibrated and certified Infrared thermometers to contain COVID-19 spread
  • Kenya Joins the World in Marking World Metrology

Please click below to download the July KEBS Newsletter

The Monthly Newsletter July 2020

  • Adherence to Standards Key to Combating COVID-19
  • Business Continuity and Risk Management, When the Unexpected Happens
  • KEBS warns against sale and use of substandard hand Sanitizers
  • KEBS warns against production, sale, and use of substandard face masks

Please click below to download the June KEBS Newsletter

The Monthly Newsletter June 2020

 The Benchmark Issue 3 1
  • Developing Standards for the Big Four Agenda
  • One-on-One; Mr. Ken Wathome, The Chairperson National Standards Council
  • Testing of Fruit Concentrates and Meat
  • DNA: An innovation by KEBS Up-close with Mr. Eddy Njoroge, The Incoming ISO President
  • Setting the Standards in Adventure Tourism
  • How Standards for Water Re-Use Can Help Address Water Scarcity Challenges

For the a copy of the Document please click on the link below

The Benchmark Issue 5 2019

 The Benchmark Issue 3 1
  • KEBS’ New Chapter to Consolidate Gains
  • Social Feeds
  • Standards for Smarter Cities
  • News Roundup

For the a copy of the Document please click on the link below

The Benchmark Issue 3 2018


issue 11

Newsletter Highlights

  • Importing a used Motor Vehicle?
  • KEBS : Management of Aflatoxin
  • Consumer Insight, consumer's role in countering substandard products
  • The role of supermarkets, Rettail, Wholesale and Hardware Outlets in raising the Quality Products.
  • Understanding the need for a chang'aa standard

July - Sept 2011 Issue

issue 10

Newsletter Highlights

  • KEBS certification Body Acquires 17021 Certification
  • Assessments and classification of Hotels and Restourants
  • Creating a compettitive Africa through knowledge management

Jan - Mar. 2011 Issue


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