Sample Control

The department is committed to the advancement of businesses through provision of service related to conformity assessment (testing). All customer requests are handled at SCC.

  • All customers may visit SCC or write an email to for assistance or inquiries.
  • Requests for quotations and tenders are processed within two days provided the customer gives adequate information, including their need for conformity statements and decision rule agreement (link to request for quotations)
  • All samples are delivered to the laboratories within 24 hours and expected turnaround time is communicated to the client.
  • A sample submission form must be completed for each job to ensure clarity of the customer’s request, to verify that all contact information is obtained and for the assessment of delivery capabilities.
  • A certificate (soft copy/ hard copy or both) is issued on completion of each job, subject to payment of service.
  • Customers are contacted if subcontractor services are required or where additional or alternate testing are required to complete the job.
  • Confidentiality of customer information
  • All officers have signed confidentiality forms. Sanctions for disclosure of classified information are detailed in KEBS HR Policies. This guarantees confidentiality of customer information.
  • Customer reports are only directed to a bona fide company representative.
  • We invite your feedback on the quality of service provided and welcome suggestions for improvement. Use feedback form by clicking on the link (feedback form link)
  • A timeframe of two (2) weeks is given to response of all complaints.
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