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KEBS wishes to bring to the attention of the public, manufacturers and users of Steel Bars that the reviewed standards of Steel Bars have been approved by the National Standards Council.

The Standards are:-

  1. KS 573: 2014 Kenya Standard - High yield steel bars for the Reinforcement of concrete - Specification: Fourth Edition.
  2. KS 104: 2014 Kenya Standard - Specification for cold rolled steel sections, Third Edition.
  3. KS 574:2014 Kenya Standard - Steel fabric for reinforcement of concrete - Specification, Fourth Edition.
  4. KS ISO 6934-1:1991 Kenya Standard - Steel for the pre-stressing of concrete - Part 1: General requirements, Second Edition.
  5. KS ISO 6934-5:1991 Kenya Standard - Steel for the pre-stressing of concrete - Part 5: Hot-rolled steel bars with or without subsequent processing, Second Edition.

In all the above standards, the review has introduced the requirement for the steel bars to be branded/embossed with the manufacturers or importers Trademark. This is to ensure traceability of the products to the manufacturers/importers or owners/source.

The implementation of this requirement took effect from 01/01/2015 as was agreed with the manufacturers in a consultative meeting held in September 2014.

Users of Steel Bars are now alerted through this Public Notice to verify the branding on the Bars during purchase.


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