Information Security Management Systems (Manual Applications)

Firm NamePostal AddressCert NoScope Cert
Communication Authority of Kenya(CA)P.O BOX 14448-00800 ,NAIROBIISMS/002Provision of licensing and regulatory services, publishing of ICT statistical information competition management and universal access
National Council for Population and Development(NCPD)P.O BOX 48994-00100,NAIROBIISMS/003Promotion and coordination of population & development activities and?provision of leadership and guidance in matters related to population & development in Kenya
University of EmbuP.O BOX 6-60100,EMBUISMS/004Provision of Training,Research and Extension
Laikipia University (LU)P.0 BOX1100-20300,NYAHURURUISMS/006Provision of training,research,innovation and outreach
National Social Security Fund(NSSF)P.O BOX 14448-00800 ,NAIROBIISMS/007Provision of social security
Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service(KEPHIS)P.O BOX 49592-00100 NAIROBIISMS/009Agriculture,Regulatory services; plant variety protection,seed and other support services
Michuki Technical Training InstituteP O BOX 4-10202 KANGEMAISMS/011Provision of technical,vocational,Industrial and Entreprenureship Training
Kenya Revenue Authority(KRA)P O Box 48240-00100 NAIROBIISMS/012Customs and Border Control, Domestics Tax, Corporate support Services and intelligent and strategic Operations Departments in accordance to the statement of applicability version 1.0 issue 2 revision 1
Kisii National PolytechnicP O Box 222-40200 KISIIISMS/SC/013Provision of Training, Research, Science,Technology, Innovation and Entrepreneurial Skills for Socio-Economic Development and in accordance to the statement of applicability Ref KNP/ADM/SOA version 00.
Meru University of Science and TechnologyP. O BOX 972-60200 MERUISMS/SC/014Provision of university Education through teaching,research,nurturing innovation,consultancy and community service at the main campus
Unclaimed Financial Assets Authority(UFAA)P. O BOX 972-28235 NAIROBIISMS/SC/010Receiving of unclaimed financial assets from the holders, safeguard and re-unite the assets with their rightful owners
National Construction AuthorityP.O BOX 21046-00100 NAIROBIISMS/016Regulation of the construction industry and in accordance with the current statement of applicability(SOA)
Nyeri National PolytechnicP.O Box 465-10100 ? Nyeri, Along Mumbi Road.ISMS/018Provision of technical, vocational and entrepreneurial training and in accordance to the current statement of applicability
Muranga UniveristyP.O BOX 75-10200 MURANGAISMS/021Design and Development of Curricula, Teaching,Research,and Innovation

From Integrated Management System

KEBS Website Lists
Firm Name Postal Address Cert No. Scope Cert
National Housing Corporationp.o box 30257 - 0100 nairobiKEBS/ISMS/SC/022Construction of commercial and affordable housing, provision of rural peri-urban loans, Tenant purchase and rental services
MOI TEACHING & REFERRAL HOSPITALP.O.BOX 3 CODE 30100 ELDORETKEBS/ISMS/SC/22Provision of Healthcare Delivery,Training and Research
MATHENGE TECHNICAL TRAINING INSTITUTEP. O. BOX 665 - 10106 OTHAYAKEBS/ISMS/SC/024Provision of technical, vocational, and entrepreneurial training
Kenyatta University Teaching Referral & Research HospitalP.O BOX 7674-00100KEBS/ISMS/SC/025Information and its associated assets that the Hospital utilizes in the Provision of clinical care, referral, training, research, and innovation.
Karumo Technical Training InstituteP.O. Box 276-60602, KianjaiKEBS/ISMS/SC/031Information and its associated assets that the institute utilizes in the Provision of Technical Education, Training, and Research and Innovation.
Sikri Technical and Vocational College for the Blind and DeafP.O BOX 194 - 40222KEBS/ISMS/SC/033Information and its associated assets that the institute utilizes in the Provision of Technical and Vocational Education, Training, and Innovation.
Mukiria Technical Training Institute1093-60200KEBS/ISMS/SC/034Information and its associated assets that the institute utilizes in the Provision of Technical Education, Training, Research and Innovation
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